Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Was He REALLY That Bad?

by Lily Richards
from BATTERED TO DEATH by Gayle Trent
(Scheduled for release on Sept. 24, 2013)

I know better than anyone that my husband could be a jerk. That's why I left him. But I didn't realize he was so bad that someone would want to kill him.

You see, my husband--well, actually, my ex-husband--Jordan Richards was a celebrity chef. Some celebrities are known for their self-aggrandizement, and Jordan certainly was guilty of that. He was also a stickler for the rules and demanded perfection from everyone around him.

He also had a temper. I left him after he started thinking he could slap me around and get away with it. But, deep down, I still loved Jordan. I knew him for who he could be rather than simply who he was...who he'd become.

I visited Brea Ridge, Virginia upon hearing of his murder. I came to identify the body and to see if I could find answers as to who might've been angry enough with him to hit him over the head with a cake stand and then suffocate him in a bowl of cake batter. Upon getting to Brea Ridge, I learned that the suspect list was a mile long. Jordan had humiliated students in his scrollwork class, had been overheard arguing with someone in the kitchen, had devastated a child who'd entered a contest Jordan had judged, and had insulted or demeaned nearly every person with whom he'd came into contact.

Some of you are probably thinking I should just give up and leave the investigating to the police...and I probably will. But, even though he could be a horrible person, I'd once thought Jordan hung the moon and the stars. Don't I owe it to him to try to help find his killer?

A Note From Gayle Trent:

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  1. Nice blog!


  2. Sounds like a great book, can't wait to read it.

  3. Yes, it is very good to have Killer Characters back! And, yes, how could you not try to figure out who did him in?

  4. Oh, Lily, honey. You're better off without him -- you know that, don't you -- but yes, a part of him once had your heart. So, poke around if you must, but keep your heart safe!

    Claudette Randall, in Jewel Bay, Montana (from the Food Lovers' Village Mysteries)

  5. O dear, he really does sound like he got what he so richly deserved. And slapping you around, men don't change for the better you know. Good luck finding the killer.