Monday, July 15, 2013

A Rose by Any Other Name

By Moss, Grace Wilde’s faithful mutt from Woof at the Door, book one in the Call of the Wilde mystery series by Laura Morrigan.


My name is Moss, I live with Grace (who I’ve lived with practically forever) and, recently, Grace's sister, Emma. I would've known she was Grace's sister even if I hadn't been told. Not that they look alike- they don’t. Emma is taller and isn’t shaped the same.  And Grace, well, Grace is beautiful, of course. I don’t remember ever seeing a more beautiful human.
Anyway, the reason I knew Emma was Grace’s sister is because they smell alike. Grace smells wonderful. Emma does, too (though not as nice as Grace.) For one thing, Emma is always spraying something called “perfume” on. I'm not a fan. Makes me sneeze. But even though they both smell like rain-soaked pine and bit of salty sea air, Grace is different. There’s a hint of a flower I’ve come across from time to time on walks. Kind of a spicy sweetness.
See what I mean? Related. Alike but not.
Smells are one of those things I'm better at than humans. Even most dogs. Not trying to brag, really.
Anyway, we had to move in with Emma not long ago because we got kicked out of our apartment. Something to do with me not being a dog. Grace says I'm a hybrid, which means I'm part wolf. For some reason, me looking and acting like a wolf was a problem for our landlady. Not sure why.
So now we live at the beach with Emma. I love the beach. The sand, the smells, chasing birds...and digging! Let me tell you- there’s some prime digging spots right on the beach! 
I’m not supposed to dig anywhere else. Emma gets upset about things like out-of-bounds digging. Grace wouldn’t mind but, like I said, they’re alike but not.
Their biggest difference is that Emma is like most humans. Every human I've ever met, actually, aside from Grace. Grace is different. Special.
I knew it from the moment we met. Though I was just a pup and I don't remember much from back then, I felt something from Grace- a connection and understanding. Since then I've learned that she really does understand. Truly. Not everything, of course, but the important stuff.
She knows what I’m thinking and best of all, she can think back at me in a way I can understand.
What’s does Grace call it? There’s a word...tele-something. Telegraph maybe?
Yes, I think that’s it.
Grace is a telegraph. Which means she can understand me. Actually, she can understand everyone- except other humans. Which is something that bother’s her. I can tell, even though she tries not to let anyone know.
Her being a telegraph is a big secret, so let’s keep it between us, okay? And if you see us around town don’t be scared- I may be part wolf but I like humans. Well, as long as they’re nice to Grace- and they can keep a secret...

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  1. It's very nice to meet you Moss. I look forward to reading all about you!

    1. "Woof!" *wag, wag.*
      That means I'm happy to meet you, too!
      Oops, I'm not supposed to howl. Got excited. Won't happen again.

  2. I can't wait to come visit you, Moss! But I am just another human...

    1. Thats okay, Elaine! Like I said, Grace is one of a kind. And though she's my favorite human, (of course) I like meeting new people!

  3. Woof! They say we're all descended from wolves, so what's the big fuss? We wish you lived closer. We could dig on each other's beaches!

    1. Woof!!! My thoughts exactly! Some humans just don't get it!

  4. Moss, you sound wonderful. My dog Holly, a Boxer/Lab and you would make great friends. How did you get your cool name?

    1. You're right, Lisa! As long as Holly wouldn't be afraid of me. (some dogs are) Probably not a Boxer/Lab, though...
      Ohm and I'm good with the ladies.
      As for my name, Grace says when she found me my coat was stained and dirty. I was small (well, small for me) and fluffy and looked like a giant piece of deer moss.

  5. Nice getting to know you Moss, I am looking forward to reading your first story.