Saturday, July 20, 2013

When Murder Hits Too Close to Home

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Domestic Diva Mysteries

by Krista Davis

I have a little problem. I own Sugar Baby, a cupcakery in Old Town. It's adorable. I've decorated it in pink and brown. I love pink! There are cute little tables with chairs where people can have a seat for a quick nosh. I bake there, there spend my days there, every day, all day, and I love it.

Have you been to Old Town? It was a colonial port town on the Potomac River. They've kept the historic feel, so the sidewalks are red brick and the houses are a couple hundred years old. It's absolutely charming. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson walked the streets! Of course, now it has cupcakeries, and trendy restaurants, and well, just about anything you could want. I can walk everywhere, which I love.

I live over top of Sugar Baby. There are two bedrooms, a living room with French doors overlooking the street, and a cute little kitchen. And it's so convenient! I never fight traffic. I don't have to worry about being stuck in the snow. I just walk down the stairs and flip the sign on the door to "open." Plus, if I take a large order, like for wedding cupcakes (that's all the rage, you know), then I can work as late as I want. When I'm done, bed is right upstairs.

So here's the problem. Someone was murdered in the apartment upstairs where I live. I've been sleeping on an inflatable mattress in the living room. There's something so creepy about knowing what happened just a few yards away.

On the other hand, my boyfriend, Humphrey, is a mortician and he reminds me that all over the country, people live in apartments over top of mortuaries. He also tells me that not everyone dies in hospitals and that if one computes the odds, chances are pretty good that someone died here before. Especially in Old Town because it's so old!

I tell him those probably weren't violent deaths. He reminds me that buildings around here were used as hospitals in the civil war, and there were surely a lot of deaths that were the result of violence.

When I consider his arguments, the rational part of me thinks I'm being silly. There's no taint. There's nothing to be afraid of. And yet, I find myself feeling uneasy. Isn't that silly? Or is it? What should I do?


  1. I don't think you're being silly. I'd find it hard to go back there, too.

  2. Replies
    1. I don't know, but I think I'd move out until I could face the place again. Parts of my back yard make me shudder...

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    1. Dorothy, would you move out?


    2. No, I guess not, Renee. I've had my share of lifeless bodies in the bedroom, too. ;-)

    3. Thanks to you, Dorothy, coffee is all over my keyboard.

  4. No it's not silly, everyone is different how they look at things.

  5. I'd say breathe. Listen to Humphrey. He's a good guy, and he's seen his share of dead bodies. However, if you're really worried, talk to someone. Sophie or a therapist. Or a cat. Cat's seem to sense good and evil.

    Wishing you good things.

    ~Jenna from Crystal Cove

  6. I think I would have to have my place blessed by someone. Good locks, alarm system but if it is really "home" to you then you have to feel safe... if not better move on.

  7. I don't think you're being silly -each of us has to face that 'dead body'. But I'm not sure you need to be afraid -- do you think the murderer will come back & kill again? or, is it just the thought of 'murder' as opposed to 'death'? I'm thinking you did not know the victim -- and maybe it was a long time ago. Talk to someone [besides Humphrey :) - he doesn't seem to take you seriously]. Maybe a bird, or fish, will keep you company -- or a cat.

    1. PS -- I love this idea of the characters doing the interview, story, etc.

  8. I don't think you're being silly at all. But you love where you live. Your store is right below. In time, you'll feel settled again.

  9. You are not silly at all, I would be hesitant as well. My advice: get the place cleaned by a professional company, and then have it cleansed and blessed by someone wicca or something like that.