Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Releases

Summer isn’t over yet! Check out these HOT new August Releases from the authors at Killer Characters!

 Plainly Murder
Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries
Isabella Alan
Penguin Group, Especial
Release date: August 6

Angela Braddock has come to Rolling Brook to lend a hand at her Aunt Eleanor’s traditional Amish quilt shop. But when Eleanor’s quilting circle mourns the loss of their oldest member, Evelyn, they make a startling discovery about a tragic event in Evelyn’s past. More than a decade earlier, during a barn raising, Evelyn’s son Eric fell from the roof and died. Evelyn had always insisted that Eric was pushed, and now a clue in an old quilt convinces Angie to dig up the truth…and discover one of Rolling Brook’s darkest secrets.
Cross-Stitch Before Dying
Embroidery Mysteries
By Amanda Lee
ISBN: 978-0451240071
Release Date: August 6

Marcy's mom Beverly is the costume designer for a lavish, Bollywood-style production...and she suggests Tallulah Falls as a great place to shoot part of the film. Everyone at the embroidery shop, and around town, is in a flutter that a glamorous movie production is taking place in their midst. But when the star of the film is found murdered, the police suspect Marcy’s mom, who made it no secret she did not care for the diva’s attitude regarding her wardrobe.

Marcy might as well issue an open call for suspects, because the star had a long list of enemies. To save her mom’s career and keep her from accessorizing with handcuffs, Marcy and her friends will need to stitch together the clues to catch one crafty killer who may have designs on Marcy next…

Alibis and Amethysts
A Crystal Shop Mystery
By Sharon Pape
InterMix, Penguin Group
Release Date: August 20

Jaye Saylor is living her dream as the proud owner of Crystal Clear, a crystal and gemstone shop in the Red Rock area of Sedona, Arizona—a Mecca for tourists and new-age enthusiasts. And since tourists need sweets, Jaye gets to share her dream with her best friend, Sierra, who owns Cravings, a new local bakery.

But when the two friends discover the stone-cold body of a rival baker in Sierra’s backyard, that dream turns into a petrifying nightmare. With the police eager to pin the murder on the two women, Jaye and Sierra are forced to investigate on their own. Sedona is known as a place of powerful psychic energy, and the friends will have to contend with some unexpected forces to catch a hardened killer and make their innocence crystal clear…

Book #3, An Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery
by Erika Chase
Berkley Prime Crime
ISBN: 978-0425252116
Release date: August 6

The Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society is excited to be hosting the book launch of Molly Mathews's childhood friend, Teensy Coldicutt. What they don't know is that murder and mayhem await. First, Molly is attacked and the books are stolen. Then the publisher's body is found; then another body, and Bob Miller is the prime suspect. Throw in some counterfeit money, the FBI, and secrets from the past...and Lizzie Turner and her book club cohorts are in for an unforgettable summer!