Friday, August 23, 2013

Dream a Lonely Dream with Me

by Bonny Goforth from Dyeing Wishes, a Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery by Molly MacRae

You’ve had “if only” and “what if” dreams, haven’t you? Dreams like, “If only we had a bit more money in some deeper pocket, then we could quit our jobs, find a beach somewhere, and go live the simple life.” Or, “What if we bought that old house in town and turned it into a B&B, wouldn’t that be great?” And how often have you believed that if you worked hard enough, scrimped hard enough, dreamed hard enough – then those dreams might have a chance of coming true? 

That second dream was one of ours - my husband’s and mine. Or so I thought. Married to someone for thirty years and wouldn't you think you knew him? Thirty years – that's a lot of cliched water under the bridge and a lot of sharing - laughs, hardships, a beautiful daughter, dreams. 

So, yeah, Calvin and I bought the Showboat Gothic on Fox Street in Blue Plum. What a great house. It’s covered with so much gingerbread it looks like it’s embroidered. Cal was the fix-it-up man – tackling the refinishing and painting. I worked with a darling interior decorator to achieve just the right look – Victorian d├ęcor without being too frou-frou. And I planned mouthwatering breakfast menus – peach blueberry coffeecake, strawberry French toast stuffed with lemon cream cheese – and bedtime snack ideas, too – mile-high coconut cream meringue pie! We printed brochures. We joined the Chamber of Commerce and the Blue Plum Merchants Association. For an anniversary present, our daughter created a website for our new lives as innkeepers. But. 

Of course you knew there was a “but” coming, didn’t you? It’s such a little word, isn’t it? But – it sums up a lot. The summary in this case? A few months before we were ready to open the B&B, Cal up and left in the middle of the night with the darling interior decorator. And now my daughter, my Shannon, is gone, too. 

Erma Bombeck, that funny, funny lady, said this about dreams: “Dreams have only one owner at a time. That’s why dreamers are lonely.” Isn't that a sad notion? But it sure is true in my case. 

But, wow. What a downer I've turned this post into. I’m sorry, I'm sorry. Dreams ought to be beautiful. They should represent hope and possibilities. So hey, I could use some cheering up. What dreams do you have that you want to follow? I'd sure love to hear them. I need to know that someone still believes in dreams.


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  1. I'm dreaming of moving back to South Dakota. I am going to start to make that happen this year. I am not at all sure how it is all going to work out, but it is my dream...

    1. May your dream come true in all the ways you wish for, Elaine.

  2. I dream of owning my own home. As a senior and life long renter its difficult to not own a home you can call your own. I dream and wish for that before I die.