Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Memories of Childhood Summers

Holly Miller blogs

for The Paws and Claws Mysteries

by Krista Davis

The hazy, lazy days of summer are slowly waning, bringing back cherished memories of summers at the Sugar Maple Inn. When we were children, my cousin Josh and I were dispatched to Wagtail Mountain and the care of our Oma (German for grandma) every summer. She owned the Sugar Maple Inn and put us to work along with Holmes, her best friend's grandson. Oma never distinguished between genders. All three of us made beds, washed linens, dusted, gardened and carried luggage. Don't get me wrong, they were wonderful days, full of mischief and pranks and plenty of time for playing.

The three of us roamed the woods with Oma's German shepherd. As the sole girl, I always took the role of Princess Leia, brandishing many fallen branches as light sabers. We swam in the lake, and cooked S'Mores, and went horseback riding. Once a week, Oma sent the boys to do something boyish, and the three of us (my stuffed dog, Lassie, was always invited) had tea on her fancy china, ornate with flowers and gold scrolls.

And when it rained, we gathered in front of the rustic stone fireplace with popcorn or hot fudge sundaes, while Oma's best friend, Rose, told us ghost stories.

Now that I work in an office in a busy city, I treasure the memories of those days and long for the fresh mountain air. If only I could work in a break to visit my Oma again.

What wonderful memories do you have about the summers of your youth?


  1. My grandparents had a huge backyard garden. In the summer we would spend a week with them and got to take care of the garden and as I got older I got to help with the canning and freezing of the crops. Great memories.

    1. Grandparents teach us so much, don't they? I hope you took some of the canned and frozen veggies home to enjoy during the winter.


  2. I like the name Wagtail Mountain. It must have been fun roaming around there with a German shepherd and even a stuffed dog like Lassie. Must be some good smells around there.

    --Zoey, Lauren Vancouver's dog in the Pet Rescue Mysteries.

  3. I remember going to my aunt's house in Cincinnati every summer and going to what was then Coney Island, going to the lake to swim. When we were done, she would always get a giant size Baby Ruth and we would split it on the way home. Sunday mornings at 6 am meant Mass then home to have blueberry pancakes and then a nap. Lots of fun memories of my childhood were made there. I can't wait to read your new series!!! I've read all the Diva books already.

  4. Swimming. I loved to swim and loved spending time in the ocean. Leaping across a rock weir. Pretending to be mermaids in the water.

    Jenna (The Cookbook Nook store owner in Crystal Cove, California)

  5. What a lovely story :) I loved sleepovers at my grandparents as well, away from my sisters. And I could read my uncles books :)