Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Mystery of Romance

From Bailey Bird
For author Daryl Wood Gerber from nationally bestselling
The Cookbook Nook series

Romance. Pooh. Who needs it? I mean, really? I never seem to pick the right guy. Jenna—my best friend, who is now my boss...actually she was often my boss at Taylor and Squibb, an advertising agency in San Francisco...but I just moved to Crystal Cove, sort of on Jenna's heels, and now I'm her numero uno at The Cookbook Nook and...

I digress.

Jenna found the love of her life a few years back. David. And then he ups and dies. In a boating accident. Where's the sense in that? I mean, why should I waste my heart on someone who is going to die sometime in the future?

Oh, sure, I date. A lot. Different guys. I don' know...

Actually I don't do that at all any more. I'm pretty picky. Someone's going to have to knock my socks off. Literally.

Which brings me to the subject of romance.

I used to read romance novels, but what's with all the heaving chests? Honestly! Just imagine...two people racing across lush green fields, arms outstretched, hearts thumping with crazy passion. Is that real?

Not to me. So, I've returned to mysteries. That's what I used to read as a girl. At least they have happy endings that make sense. I mean, really make sense.

You're probably wondering whether I've had my heart broken. Yes, a dozen times. Maybe twenty, but who's counting?

Now, after just one date, if it's over, it's over. I seem to know everything there is to know about the guy. When did guys become talkers?  Just so you know, I'm no longer a talker. My date doesn't learn anything about me because I don't spill my guts on the first date. I've learned.

Do I sound a little jaded? Living in a big city will do that to a person. Are you jaded or do you still believe in love at first sight? Do you read romances or mysteries?

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Daryl Wood Gerber and Avery Aames (author of A Cheese Shop Mystery series) are the same author.

The 4th in A Cheese Shop Mystery series is out
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And the next installment, DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT, comes out February 2013. Just a few months away. :) You can pre-order that HERE, until Avery gets it up on her website. 

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  1. My advice, Bailey? Read mystery, and live romance. Do I follow that advice myself? Not sure...

  2. Hi, Willow, that's actually great advice. Hmmm. But how to live romance when there are so many heels out there? But I guess I could try that. No matter what, I intend to keep my sense of humor about the whole thing. That's what Jenna is trying to do. She's sort of my pal and "mentor" at this time. Follow her lead??

    Thanks for the advice. By the way, I have heard of Threadville. I'm totally into clothes. I used to sew my own things. Maybe I should come visit your town for a while. Maybe there's a good guy I could meet there?? No, that would be running away, but maybe just for vacation? I'll make sure to tell you if I'm coming.


    Bailey Bird

  3. Willow, romance is a mystery. But here's what I've learned (the hard way) about the different types of men:

    Some men break your heart in two,
    Some men fawn and flatter,
    Some men never look at you;
    And that cleans up the matter.

    1. Sorry, Bailey Bird... I saw "Willow" and typed "Willow."
      One too many cocktails last night!

  4. Dorothy, thank you. I don't think I'll ever forget that poem. Did you write it? Yes, some men break your heart in two. Or four. Or eight. Sometimes I feel like I'm always picking up the pieces. I'd love to meet one that really treasured me. Perhaps I'll join you in that cocktail.

    All my best,

    Bailey Bird

  5. I do read mysteries and romances. Heaving bosoms is not used much anymore ;).
    I gave up on romance too Bailey, and then suddenly I fell in love, and after 17 years of being alone, I am now living together with a man. And his parttime daughter. So you see, it can happen especially if you are not searching for it.

  6. I love a good mystery. I started out as a kid reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Have graduated and now read almost all mysteries I can find. Keep writing all those good books.