Monday, August 26, 2013

Tips for Eating Well

Coming March 2014!
By Gigi Fitzgerald from the Gourmet De-Lite series by Peg Cochran

I don’t believe in dieting—strange, I know, considering I run a diet catering company—Gigi’s Gourmet De-lite.  I do believe in eating well and making smart choices.  Have you ever noticed how a dish or a meal that is well prepared and really good is so much more satisfying than junk food that comes in a plastic wrapper?

And it doesn’t have to be complicated—fresh vegetables tossed with some olive oil or a smidge of butter and some herbs, a piece of meat or fish cooked perfectly, a delicious, ripe peach for dessert…all simple but simply delicious!

 I like to make my meals an occasion with the table set with a placemat and a linen napkin.  Everything tastes so much better when it’s served nicely.  It’s worth the little bit of extra time and effort it takes, and you’ll be far more satisfied than if you spooned dinner out of a can while standing over the sink.

Summer is over, and I’ll be sad to see all the wonderful fresh produce disappearing—zucchini or eggplant cooked on the grill, luscious plump tomatoes, greens with the dew still clinging to them.  And the natural sweetness and goodness of tree-ripened fruit—berries, peaches and plums.

Of course the winter ushers in a whole new crop of foods to enjoy—squashes and earthy vegetables like beets, parsnips and turnips.  

 The best investment you can make in your health and diet is a good cookbook and a little time spent in the kitchen.   And if you can talk your significant other into joining you…it becomes a fun project you can enjoy together!


  1. Never say never!!! To a "canner"!!!! Can't help you with the greens..but all fruits can be frozen, and your zucchini? Shred it! By the amount you need for breads, casseroles, and a little extra for the "what -evers" wrap in parchment paper, the wrap in plastic wrap and stick in a bread bag and freeze....come Dec, Jan, Feb, pull a bag out, thaw and drain in a sieve, and mix with flour and egg, and you can have hash brown zucchin!!! Many Summer squash will last into early fall if stored right, cool, dark....

  2. Thanks for all the great tips! I do enjoy using nice table decorations, placemats and linen napkins, it makes meal time so much more special!

  3. As the kids head off to college I keep saying I'm going to join a CSA next spring. If only I can convince my husband to try new veggies...

  4. Thanks for the tips! Perhaps you are right, but I don't really enjoy cooking. And well, setting a table means cleaning up more as well.