Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Unrelated Family

by Hayley Snow from Lucy Burdette's Key West food critic mystery series

Hey, it's me again, Hayley. I've been thinking about families...my author went to a big family reunion this summer, a 100th birthday celebration for her mother-in-law, Dorothy. Lucy didn't only get a husband when she got married, she inherited a huge collection of in-laws. (Hey, knock it off, you in the back row-- save the mother-in-law jokes for later.) 

 The thing is, even though she isn't related to these people by blood, they are definitely family. They'd come through in a pinch for her and she'd do the same for them. (Here's a picture of the birthday girl and her niece, and all four of her daughters-in-law--Lucy on the left in the pink sweater.)

Anyway, it made me think about the family that has grown up around me in Key West. There's my roommate on the houseboat, Miss Gloria--she's like the grandmother I always wanted. And Eric Altman and Officer Torrence--they sure act like my big brothers. Which is a good thing--most of the time... And Connie, she's like the sister I never had. I don't remember feeling quite this way back in New Jersey--maybe it's something about island life or the tropics. And I have to say--I like it!

How about you, any unrelated people in your life that have come to feel like family?

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  1. Oh, yes! Even my unrelated "family" is unrelated! My best friend, who is also a Haylee, but spelled differently, was raised by three friends who think of themselves as sisters, and those three women have become like mothers to me. And one of them is marrying a nicely fatherly man...