Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Fresh Start in Autumn Vale

Bran New Death

By: Merry Wynter
From: Merry Muffin Mystery Series
Author: Victoria Hamilton
Book 1 Title: Bran New Death
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2013

Fresh Beginnings

Life is not a do-over; isn't that what we're told all the time? And it's true. We don't get to correct our mistakes most of the time. You can't un-hurt somebody. You can't un-call someone a bad name, or un-gossip about someone. You can't un-have an accident.

Someone you love will never un-die. How well I know that. I miss Miguel, the husband of my heart and body for two short years; I miss him so very badly, but he's gone and I have a hopefully long life to live ahead of me.

How do I do that? Well, though we often can't undo events that have made us unhappy, or correct what we have done when it results in rotten consequences, we can always make a  fresh start. And that is what Wynter Castle in Autumn Vale, upstate New York, is for me, a fresh start. I left behind the demise of my stylist career. I left behind the big city. I left behind a lifestyle that I was beginning to tire of. 

And now I'm living in a castle in the middle of the woods, like some superannuated fairy tale princess. 

Whether I keep it (Love to, but how to afford to live here?) or sell it and leave, my life is my own to restart. Miguel would tell me that a happy woman is a woman in love, but I'm not sure I can ever love again. Won't any man feel like hamburger after the sirloin that was Miguel Paradiso? 

However... I'm beginning to think that steak comes in different forms: sirloin, filet mignon, New York strip and a really thick, juicy T-bone. Just because Miguel was sirloin, maybe I'd still like a big old hunk of beef in another form, like a certain handsome sheriff named Virgil Grace.  

A fresh start; falling love would be the ultimate fresh start for a heartbroken widow, wouldn't it? I'll have to think about that some more.            

Have you ever had to make a fresh start? Do you have any advice?

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  1. Really awesome post. Bran New Death is a wonderful book.

  2. Lovely post, and so true. I just got notified that the book is on its way to my home :)