Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Comes Love

by Detective Bill Mertz from the Gourmet De-Lite series by Peg Cochran

Hello.  Detective Bill Mertz here.  I’m a character in Peg Cochran’s Gourmet De-Lite series.  So far I’ve been in Allergic to Death and Steamed to Death.  I’ve kind of fallen for another character in the book—Gigi Fitzgerald.  I wish Ms. Cochran would make me a little more debonair.  I tend to freeze up when Gigi’s around.  She’s so pretty and such fun.  She doesn’t seem to mind that I’m not the smoothest guy in the world.  Hey, I grew up with a bunch of brothers so girls are a bit of a foreign species to me.  At least I know enough not to punch her on the arm or jump out at her and scare her--stuff my brothers and I used to do to each other all the time.  Give me some credit for that at least.
I had a bit of a panic when Declan McQuaid opened his restaurant in town.  He’s very good-looking and has a way with women.  Or so it seems judging by how they act around him.  I know Gigi really cares for me, but I know she’s tempted, too.  There’s a song that plays on the radio—something about if you like her you should put a ring on it.  I wish I could get up the nerve to do that.  I don’t know what Ms. Cochran has in store for me in Iced to Death.  I’ll have to wait until March to find out.  I just hope I’m the one who gets the girl.

Have you ever missed out because you were too shy to let someone know you liked them?


  1. There sure was, when I was in college I was very shy.

  2. Just be patient. This is a series and things happen slowly in a series. You will eventually get the girl. It might just be in 4 or 5 more books.

  3. Ooo that is sweet, I do hope you get your girl. Perhaps your competition will be the murder victim ...