Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ida and Edna Tell All

Introducing Ida and Edna Zimmerman from Silent Knife, a Liv Montgomery-Celebration Bay Mystery by Shelley Freydont.

“Good morning.  My sister and I are so excited to be here today.  Liv sends her apologies for not being able to come.  She’s busy preparing for Celebration Bay’s next big festival, the annual Christmas Tree Lighting, and couldn’t get away.  It’s going to be so exciting.  And we know that Liv has something special planned.  People from all over come to enjoy the holidays with us.  And this Christmas will be the best of all.”

“Ida, would you please give these folks a minute to catch up? We’re the Zimmerman sisters.  I’m Edna and this chatterbox is Ida. We were both retired school teachers and live in our family home in the lovely town of Celebration Bay, New York.

“Edna, they don’t want to hear about us. They want to find out what new murder Liv has uncovered.”

“I was getting to that, but I thought they would like little background. Celebration Bay is an event town.  We love holidays and our economy is based on sharing them with others.  In fact, we’re one of the most popular vacation and festival spots on the east coast.

“In the whole United States.”

“You may have noticed, Ida likes to exaggerate. Now as I was saying, Liv Montgomery rents the carriage house behind our house.  She moved here from New York City a few months ago to become the town’s new event coordinator.
“With her adorable Westie, Whiskey.”

“With her adorable Westie, Whiskey. Liv is generous and hard working. Our festivals are more popular than ever. She’s also good at catching villains.”

“We all love Liv. Especially Chaz Bristow.”

“Now Ida, you’ll give these folks the wrong impression.  Chaz had never given us any reason to think he’s sweet on Liv. Chaz is the editor of our local newspaper, the Celebration Clarion.  He used to be an investigative reporter for the LA Times. (something he doesn’t like to tell people.)”

“That’s because he’s just a wee bit lazy.”

“Well, Ida, you’re not exaggerating about that.  Our Chaz likes to fish and put out a paper once a week.  He could help Liv solving these crimes if he wanted to, but he just doesn’t seem interested.”

“I think it’s something that happened in his past.”

“You always think it’s something that happened in a person’s past, Ida.  But in this instance I think you’re right.  I wonder what could be? Liv has made lots of friends here. Her assistant Ted, and Dolly down at the Apple of My Eye bakery, and her best friend BeBe who runs the Buttercup Coffee Exchange.  And. . .”

“Edna, You’re forgetting one person who doesn’t like her.”

“Just hold your horses.  I haven’t forgotten Janine.  That’s Janine Tudor.  She sells real estate in town.  She used to be the town’s event coordinator, but she was so disorganized and spent so much money, the Board of Trustees decided to hire a professional to replace her.”

“That would be Liv.”

“Yes and Janine has never forgiven her for taking her job.”

“Oh dear I wonder what Janine will think of next to make trouble for Liv.”

“Well, Ida.  I think we’re about to find out, once all the dirty details come out in Silent Knife, the next Celebration Bay Mystery.”

“Well I just hope it doesn’t ruin our traditional Christmas dinner.  I’ve been planning the menu for weeks.

“I’m sure it won’t.  In fact, Ida and I would like to invite you all to come to our house for Christmas in Celebration Bay.”

Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition?


  1. Just getting together with family for a nice meal.

  2. I make a bunch of Norwegian foods that my grandmother made at Christmas and give to family

  3. Always family, food and fun. This book would fit in the fun category!

  4. Lol thanks for the fun post, now I want to read the book!