Monday, September 30, 2013

None of it was my fault

 Submitted by Uncle Kev from
The Sayers Swindle, the second book collector mystery
 by Victoria Abbott

It’s not my fault. Things happen and then everyone gets mad at me. Kevin Francis Kelly (that’s my name)! What have you done now? Or, how did this catch fire? Or didn’t you see that car? I hear this stuff all the time. I’m not sure why people react like that over little things, but I don’t let it get me down. Right now I’m hanging out in Harrison Falls, New York, because of a small disagreement over a large amount of money with some guys downstate. These things happen and as long as no one sees my face for the next couple of years, it should be all right. It’s not such a bad place. I’m with my brothers Mick and Lucky and they’ve let me have my niece Jordan’s old room. It’s pretty comfortable if you like pink with white furniture. That Hello Kitty! lamp kind of freaks me out though.

Only thing is my brothers Mick and Lucky have short fuses and I’m not sure what exactly sets them off. I’m doing my best.  My salvation may lie with Jordan who has the cushiest job ever. She does something with books for Vera Van Alst, this really wealthy collector (who is even grouchier than Mick) and lives in an amazing mansion with an Italian cook. Have I mentioned it’s nothing but KD and fried baloney here at Mick and Lucky’s? Anyway, in this mansion, there’s a ton of antiques and silver and some Siamese cats.  There’s a huge property and a lot of great stuff for maintaining it: a lawn tractor and a snow blower. Neat.  Some excellent cars. And best of all, it’s away from town. No one would ever find me there. But Jordan has warned me not to touch anything and in fact not to come to the house. She says I am a disaster waiting to happen. I love Jordan so that stings.  You know they didn't even let me in the first book The Christie Curse.

Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to knock you off your seat.  Is that broken? I can probably get you another one. I know a guy.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, the thing is they need help in this house and who better than me? I’d be perfect but Jordan won’t let me near her boss, Miss Vera Van Alst.  I have an idea though. No one would get hurt and I would be a hero.

My idea involves the cats. I could appear to save them from some danger. I wonder if Mick has any leather gloves in the shop. That could work.

What do you think about this idea? Want to wish me luck? After all, I am Irish.

Victoria Abbott is a collaboration between Victoria Maffini and her mother,  Mary Jane Maffini (who may be Irish) .. The Christie Curse, their first book collector mystery, launched in March 2013 and  The Sayers Swindle, the second in the series will be out in December 2013. Please let them know how you like it.

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  1. Why do I not see this ending well? Oh, Kevin...

  2. Absolutely! Not going to end well!

  3. I'll bet you have a heart of gold....hopefully, the gold belongs to you, Kevin. Oh wow, love that Siamese!

  4. Atta boy, Kevin...we're all in favor or rescuing Siamese! And, we don't give a cat's claw about all that money stuff.

  5. Kev, Kev, I feel things may not go as you plan.

  6. Thank you, ladies. Whatever you do, don't let Kev help you with your shopping. Or anything. This is not the only plan that won't end well!

  7. Dru might be right. I like the painting of the siamese. Lovely!

    1. Thanks everyone - the Siamese is actually one of Erika Chase (Linda Wiken)'s cats. Painted by Victoria and deeply resented by all the dogs.