Monday, September 23, 2013

Taking a Closer Look

by Joe Dunbar of the Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries

I’ve never met a creek in Eastern Tennessee that I didn’t want to fish and I’ve never spent time in the woods that I regretted. I guess I’m expected to go on a bit, here. Tell you more about it. Describe a day in the creek. Imitate a bird or something. I’d rather show you. I use my camera as often as my rod. I took these pictures last week up along Granny Lewis Creek.

There now. How do you like the mushrooms? Once you start looking, those little tiny ones are everywhere. My next stop is the library to see if there’s a guide so I can put names to them.

Some folks in Blue Plum might expect me to compare the hubbub of town unfavorably to what I find out in the mountains. I’m not really interested in doing that. You look closely in the forest and you find those little gems of fungi and they’re beautiful. It’s not so different if you take a good close look at people. And I guess that’s about all I have to say on the subject. If you want to see more of my pictures, you’ll find them here.

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  1. Some of those mushrooms would be very pretty machine embroidery designs...

  2. You're right, Willow. I can see them in crewel work, too.

  3. I enjoyed the pictures. Very colorful.

  4. Thank you. They're surprising, aren't they?

  5. Lovely pictures, thank you! I do have a fondness of mushrooms, and have many pics without proper names as well.

  6. They're beautiful. Not surprising that people have tried eating them -- not a good idea!