Saturday, October 19, 2013

Detective Nikos Stevens Thoughts...

Peril for your Thoughts
by Kari Lee Townsend

So, you've probably heard about me from Kalliope Ballas a while back. My name is Nikos Stevens, but everyone calls me Nik. I just moved to Clearview Connecticut and joined the police force as a detective. My St. Bernard, Wolfgang, and I share half a house with Kalli and her business partner, Jazalyn Alvarez. Jaz is pretty cool, but Kalli is another story. I can't figure her out. One minute she acts like she's into me, then the next she acts like I have the plague.

If I get doused with any more hand sanitizer, someone's gonna pay!

And poor Wolfgang. Her calico cat, Miss Priss, is just as hoity toity. They both need to loosen up and relax if you ask me. But once her before friend Jaz is a suspect in the murder of her online date, things get even worse. I'm trying to help them both, but let me tell you, it's not easy. Especially with both Kalli's and my own Greek mama interfering every step of the way.

Who has time for romance with all that going on?

Doesn't matter how much either of us protest, when spring fever is in the air, the mamas are unstoppable. All I know is this fresh start someplace new is turning out to be a whole lot more than I bargained for. Tune in and find out what happens next, and drop me a line if you can figure out what the frustrating woman is thinking, because for some reason, she's always a step ahead of me...almost as though she can read my mind.


  1. This sounds really good. I am liking serials more and more and I really want to check this one out!

  2. Lol this sounds like a fun book, especially with the meddling mama's.