Saturday, October 26, 2013

Forever After

by Felicity Davenport  
the Gourmet De-Lite Series by Peg Cochran

Hi there.  Felicity Davenport here.  What?  Am I a ghost?  I guess you could say I am.  I do come to a rather unsavory end in Steamed to Death.  It’s a little rough being a ghost—I liked life on earth.  But being the victim certainly did make me the center of attention, and I LOVE being the center of attention.

I am…er, was…the star of the hugely popular daytime soap opera For Better or For Worse.  I’d been playing my part for nearly twenty years when the network executives—a bunch of young whipper snappers who were still in diapers when I won my first Emmy—began to grumble about my advancing age.  As if 40-something is old!  I’ve retained my looks although I have added a few pounds.

I thought the show’s hiatus would be the perfect time for me to make myself over—lose a few pounds, get a new hairdo, etc.  I hired Gigi Fitzgerald to deliver her famous and delicious gourmet meals.  Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned but in the end Gigi solved my murder (along with her trusty dog Reg of course.)   And I will be eternally grateful to her.

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  1. Your covers look so much like those of Victoria Hamilton. Do you have the same cover artist?