Saturday, October 12, 2013

What Should I Do?

by Ben Jacobs from BATTERED TO DEATH, by Gayle Trent

I'm in a pickle. You see, this girl I fell for in college called me a while back. Her husband had died before the two of them realized their dream of getting their business magazine off the ground.

I'm a newspaper writer and editor, and she wants me to help her with the magazine. She's offering me a good salary, creative control, and terrific benefits. And, no, she is not one of the benefits! I'm with Daphne now.

Anyway, if I take the job with the magazine, I'll have to move to Kentucky. It's not that far from Brea Ridge, but it's far enough. I've been around long enough to know that long-distance relationships don't have a very high survival rate.

In fact, our being so far apart is probably the main reason my high school romance with Daphne hit the skids after the two of us went off to college. Had we gone to the same college, we'd probably be married and have a couple children by now...maybe even three...two boys and a girl. We used to talk about things like that a lot as we sat on her parents' front porch swing hand in hand listening to the chink of the chains as we swayed back and forth and watched for shooting stars.

Of course, we're older now. We're mature enough to withstand some temptations if we're sure of what we want. We can Skype, text, phone, visit nearly every weekend. But what does Daphne want? She hasn't been divorced all that long. How can I be sure she's thinking of me in terms of "forever?"

Plus, I don't want to let my old friend down. How can I make everybody happy?


  1. Have you talked to Daphne about the possible move? Maybe she'd like to come along.

  2. You really should talk to Daphne about it, and are you still interested in your old friend, if she wants you back? Even a little? Think hard.