Friday, October 4, 2013

What's on your to-do list?

By Charlotte Bessette

From Days of Wine and Roquefort,
the 5th in the nationally bestselling Cheese Shop Mystery series

For author Avery Aames a.k.a. Daryl Wood Gerber

With the twins and Matthew out of the house for good and Jordan, well, out of town for a bit, I’ve got extra time on my hands. Yes, I could read, read, read. I’ve amassed a stack of mysteries two feet high on my bedside table. Mostly culinary mysteries. I love reading about food. I found a new one set in a culinary bookstore on the coast of California. How wonderful a place could that be! Cookbooks and kitchenware and a day at the beach. Perfect.

But when my eyes tire, I need something else to keep me busy. Typically, I crave projects I can do with my hands. I’m not talking cooking. I’ve decided to tackle the to-do list at my house. The stairs creak. The garden is a wreck. And I really want to refinish the old desk in my study, too. It’s so beautiful, but someone covered it in brown paint. Ick. I can’t wait to get started. I’m moving everything out to the garage. That’s the best place to do that kind of project. I can open the garage door if I need ventilation. On the list of immediate needs: drop cloths, stain, sander, a lathe for the fabulous legs of the table.

Of course, I’ll need snacks. I can’t do any project without snacks. Cheese, fruit, cookies, wine. A big glass of wine.

Now, I just hope I don’t run into any snags because when I start a project, I like to finish it in a timely manner. How about you? What does your to-do list look like? Have you ever started a project and found a treasure—or a surprise—of some kind?


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  1. Restoring old buildings, I find lots of surprises, some of them good. And then there was the time I actually dug up buried treasure...

  2. Ooh, Clay, buried treasure? Really? Wow. Um, were there any bones buried along with the treasure? Fascinating.

    Charlotte, from Providence

  3. Hi Charlotte
    My to-do list looks a lot like my FIL's shopping list, and doctor's appointment. I used to do photography (I owned a studio) and a bit of sketching in charcoal. I've just seemed to lose interest in that as I got older. I do love the series and will work at getting a copy of your latest adventure to add to my TBR list.

    1. Hi, NoraA. How wonderful to have artistic events on your to-do list. I love that!

      Charlotte (for Daryl aka Avery)

  4. My to-do list looks like going through all of our stuff to get rid of stuff because we are majorly down-sizing (sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?) by the end of the year. Last week I was going through photos and the albums. The kids were so cute! Anyway, this week I have been at our tiny cabin that we will be moving some of the stuff to that we are keeping so I have not been home to have to sort things. It has been so nice to be able to read and not feel guilty about it!

    1. Elaine, downsizing is really important. Sometimes we just keep too much stuff, right? Good luck.


  5. I am working on Christmas ornaments for all of my daughter's friends with their college mascot on them. I am hoping to put them into Christmas cards for her to send to them.

    1. Oh, wow, Susie, that sounds like so much fun! Hmm, maybe I'll make some of those for the twins. They'd like something like that. Thanks for the idea.

      Best, Charlotte