Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Conversation with Robin Shaw and Jessie Morton

A Conversation with Robin Shaw and Jessie Morton
By Joyce and Jim Lavene
from Murderous Matrimony
Book Six in the Renaissance Faire Mysteries 

“This is Robin Shaw from WRAG News, and today we have one of the participants in Friday’s big wedding celebration at Renaissance Faire Village and Marketplace. Jessie Morton has been working at Myrtle Beach’s only Renaissance Faire since she left college. She’s marrying her sweetheart, Village Bailiff Chase Manhattan."

Robin: “Tell us what it’s like to be part of what is being billed as the biggest Ren Faire wedding in history, Jessie.”

Jessie: “I would have liked a quiet wedding with only a few friends, Robin, but I understand that the event is good for the Village. I can live with it.”

Robin: “What about your groom-to-be? How does he feel?”

Jessie: “He feels the same way. We love the Village and want it to do well. It’s our home.”

Robin: “What about the new ghost stories coming from the Village? Tales of ‘The Blue Lady’ are showing up everywhere. I saw one this morning on Youtube.”

Jessie: “It’s the ghost of Wanda Le Fey who used to be the Village nurse. She was struck down unexpectedly last month. She is haunting the Village. People who can see her say she’s blue.”

Robin: “Have you seen her, Jessie?”

Jessie: “Unfortunately. She likes to follow me around.”

Robin: “How did she get blue?”

Jessie: "That’s a long story."

Robin: “What about the new murder? Wasn’t another character from the Village murdered?”

Jessie: “Yes. Madman Dave. He was killed with a bolt from a crossbow. He was a very nice man. I’m sure the police will have it figured out before the wedding.”

Robin: "Does the Village ever seem unsafe to you, Jessie? I mean, two murders in less than a month. What does that say about the place you live?"

Jessie: "I think it says that ten thousand people visit the Village every day, and hundreds of people work there. We’re like any other small community. Sometimes there can be a few rotten apples."

Robin: Oh look! Here’s the love of Jessie’s life now—Chase Manhattan! Welcome Bailiff! Let me ask you a few questions about your wedding."

Chase: "Thanks, but I can’t stay. Jessie, I need your help finding Wanda. I think she hid Queen Olivia’s crown."

Robin: "Is that the dead nurse – The Blue Lady? Is she here now? Can we talk with her?"

Jessie: “Wanda - go home!"

Robin: “Why is that camera floating? Can someone shut that thing off?"

Chase: “Let’s get out of here, Jessie.”

Jessie: “I’m right behind you, Chase.”

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