Sunday, November 10, 2013

Comfort Food for the Holidays

Helen Louise Brady from the "Cat in the Stacks" series by Miranda James

My love of good food came naturally. My late mother was a wonderful cook, and she loved cooking patisserie. I specialize in French food, but around the holidays I always crave the dishes and desserts my mother always made. One of my favorites -- and I know it is one of Charlie's too -- is my mother's lemon ice box pie. I thought I'd share the recipe because it is such a tasty dessert and on the lighter side -- for those times when you don't want cakes or pastries.
and baking almost as much as she loved my father and me. When I felt restless and unhappy with a law career, she urged me to follow my heart. I ended up in Paris, where I lived for years, and learned French cooking. Then my parents died, and I returned to Athena and opened my cafe and

Mary Rose Brady's Lemon Ice Box Pie

1 can Eagle Brand (condensed) milk
½ cup lemon juice
2 eggs, beaten by themselves

Mix the beaten eggs with the Eagle Brand (condensed) milk, then add the lemon juice and mix well.  (If you want to be completely certain the eggs are cooked, pop the mixture in the oven for a few minutes at 350 degrees.)  Then pour the mixture into the graham cracker crust.  Set into the icebox until firm.
Note: if you’d like to make the mixture fluffier, add either cream cheese (2 to 4 ounces) or whipped cream (up to 10 ounces)

Graham Cracker Crust Recipe:
1 package graham crackers (about 1 2/3 cups crumbs)
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup melted butter

Combine crumbs and sugar first, then add melted butter.  Press crumb mixture inside 9-inch pie plate and spread evenly over bottom and sides.  (Note: my mother always made her own pie crust, but if you don’t want to go to the trouble, you can find some decent, ready-made pie crust at the grocery store. It's never quite the same, however.)

Here's wishing you and yours a happy and delicious Thanksgiving!


  1. Wow, I think even I can make that. I will look to see if condensed milk is for sale in a normal supermarket here in Holland. As I don't drink milk myself, I have really no idea.