Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Birthday!


No one loves birthdays more than Auntie KiKi. She’s been thirty-nine for the last twenty years.

This year Mamma and I outdid ourselves. We’re throwing a surprise party for KiKi out at Tybee island right there on the beach. 

We’re having  BBQ and Chantilly made this terrific cake. KiKi loves champagne and we’ll have lots of flowers everywhere.  No Southern birthday’s worth a hoot without flowers.

Every year I get my dear auntie a scarf or sweater or maybe take her to lunch. Well this year I want to do something different, something special…something fun! 

I was thinking of kayak lessons. Lots of water here in Savannah, if you don’t mind the alligators. Or what about skydiving or parasailing? Can’t you just see KiKi jumping out of a plane?

Or I could give her yoga lessons but I can’t really imagine her doing downward dog. 

What about a new bike or getting her hair dyed blue? Maybe a trip to Disney World?

What do you think I should give KiKi for her birthday? What do you want for your next birthday?

Hope you all can make it to KiKi’s party.

Hugs, Reagan


  1. I love kayaking. But we don't have alligators in the Elderberry Bay River. I hope we don't...

    1. When my UPS truck got run off into the swap, a gator took a real liking to me. We have lots of them here in Savannah. Yikes.

  2. Happy Birthday Kiki!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. My mama was 39 for as many years as I can remember. So one year when she said she was 39, I said "ok, let's see, you've been 39 for 30 years, so that must make you....69!!! She never told me she was 39 again. I think you should go sky diving. ;)

    1. Thanks, Sue. for the suggestions. I'll try that birthday gag on KiKi next year. She's been 39 for way too long. And I can so see her skydiving. I'll get some pics of KiKi flying through the air.

  3. I know what I want for my birthday which is this week. I'm spending it and Thanksgiving with friends in Hong Kong, China.