Thursday, November 28, 2013

Keeping my Grinchiness at Bay

By: Annie Chamovitz

From: The Cumberland Creek Mystery Series
Author: Mollie Cox Bryan
Book 2 Title: Scrapped

I confess. Sometimes I’m a Grinch all the way from Thanksgiving through Christmas to New Year’s. It’s easy to become jaded by the commercialism and worn out from all the extra work and activities. But when I take some time to reflect and honor the meaning of the season, I see my blessings. So this year, I’m choosing gratitude. Here are the top five things I’m grateful for this year.
1. The season. The changing of the seasons, here in the state of Virginia, is an amazing thing to behold. The turning leaves across the mountains are spectacular—crimson, gold, yellow, fire-orange. We turn inward and reflect and take more time to be with ourselves and loved ones.
2. Food. Good food surrounds us during the holidays. Sometimes it feels like an embarrassment of wealth considering how many hungry people exist in this world—heck, in this country. We live in troubled times. Being grateful for food on our table is one thing we should all reflect about.
3. Friendship. The holiday seems to be the time we carve out our schedules to get together with our friends. I’m so grateful for my DeeAnn, Sheila, Paige, Vera, and Beatrice. Where would I be without them? I shudder to think.
4. Family. I’m surrounded all year long by them—my two sons and husband—and sometimes the others like my parents and brother, my husband’s parents and sister—but during the holidays we spend so much more time together. Even if things don’t go smoothly—and let’s face, most of the time they don’t—it’s good to spend time with your people.
5. Work. I’m grateful for my work, even thoguh sometimes it upsets my husband because of the danger. I love my work and am happy to be able to do something I love—even if it’s only through sporadic freelance assignments.
If I sat and thought more, I know my blessings would reach into the hundreds, but for now these five things are more than enough to keep my Grinchiness at bay. How about you?

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  1. Happy belated thanksgiving! Sometimes being too busy prevents us from seeing our blessings, and we need some quiet time to reflect on it.

  2. New word for my vocabulary, Grinch. Thank you!