Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lonely Dog Blues

by Bad Dog

for the Paws & Claws Mysteries

by Krista Davis

It's lonely out here. I try to keep my spirits up, after all, there are squirrels and rabbits to chase and that's fun. Even though I'm so fast that my paws barely touch the ground when I run, I still can't catch them.

That's a problem because I'm hungry all the time. I used to have a home. They locked me in the shed a lot, which was awful and scary. It was dark in there, and the roof leaked. At least they threw me some food once in a while. To this day I'm afraid of small, confined spaces. I tried to love those people, really I did. I barked and wagged my tail, and what did I get for it? Well, I'd rather not remember all the painful details. Let's just say that I'm very wary of feet. They must have gotten tired of me because one day the man brought me out here, threw me out of the car and drove away.

Lots of cars come here to the gas station every day. I've heard the nice lady inside the building say that I'm waiting for my owners to come back. That's a tough call. As bad as it is out here, if they showed up, I don't know if I'd go back with them or run for my life.

A guy in a uniform brought a big wire cage, put fried chicken inside it, and left. Every day he stops by, looks at it, replaces the chicken and leaves. Very strange behavior if you ask me. Sort of cruel, too. I'm so hungry! That chicken is tempting, but I will never, ever go back into a small, confined space -- not for anything. Not me.

The nice lady leaves stale food for me. And I've made a habit of raiding trash cans. I'm short, but I can jump like nobody's business and knock them down. It's amazing what I find inside them – butter, crackers, pizza. Once I found a whole cake! Guess those people weren't hungry. They must know who I am, because when people catch me doing that they yell "Bad Dog!" which is what the other people called me.

If you're passing by a gas station, and you see a little white dog with black ears and a black spot on her rump, give me a pat, will you? If you have some leftover chicken, that would be much appreciated, too.

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  1. Looking forward to reading Murder she Barks. Posting for my dog, Harley, a yellow lab. He wants to join the street crew

  2. Woof! Your name can't be Bad Dog. All dogs are good, especially you. We know what it's like to be lost, cold, lonely, and hungry, but now we have a wonderful home. You will, too, we're sure of it, because if you don't find one soon, we'll bring you home with us. Woof!

  3. Ah, Bad Dog, what a tragic tale. In my early months, I lived a life close to yours. I fell off a truck and there I was. Without my mom and my brothers and sisters. But then I found Jenna and she loves me and I love her. I hope you can find that kind of happiness. You sure are cute.

    Hugs from Tigger from Crystal Cove, California
    for Daryl Wood Gerber

  4. Bad dog, I have a feeling your fortunes are about to take a turn for the better. Just follow your nose!
    Your friend,
    Woodrow Wilson, Boston terrier (as typed by Dorothy Parker)

  5. oh Bad Dog, you could come and stay with my mommy and me. She never hits me or puts me in small places. She cooks chicken for just me and feeds it to me. I get to sleep in her bed and she even covers me up when it gets cold. I even get to go places with her and get treats. She gave me a really pretty new necklace that says Murder She Barked on it. I get to wear it when we go for walks and then she talks to people about me, my necklace and books. I'm so sorry your person was mean to you. There are nice people out there and you will find your forever home soon. Hugs from your new friend Sadie.

  6. Smudge might wear a bandana long enough for a photo. Cats are not real cooperative.

  7. My 4 cats are not volunteering for the street crew, I'll just volunteer one of them. Charly might be willing to wear a bandana. Or not.

  8. Ooo that is such a sad story! I would take you home in a heartbeat, even though I am horribly allergic to animals.

  9. This is Linda O. Johnston's dog Lexie. My friend Mystie and I have always belonged to a loving family who obey our commands and feed us well. We don't understand how people could treat you so badly and hope that changes soon. By the way, our mom Linda says she's really looking forward to reading your story.