Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oh, what fun it is to shop in Jewel Bay!

By Heidi Hunter, owner of Kitchenalia, from Death al Dente by Leslie Budewitz

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Holiday shopping time! Here’s what’s new and trendy in housewares—and yes, you can find it all at Kitchenalia in Jewel Bay!

Loving the Lilypad Lids -- and so are thousands of our customers! Air-tight, water-tight silicone lids for any bowl or pot. Food-grade, BPA free. They range from 4" for a 3" bowl or jar to 14", in fun colors. The round lids are shaped like lily pads, the rectangle like a banana leaf.

I adore all things French, especially this Emile Henry ceramic pizza stone. Round or rectangular, in red, green, and brown. Goes from the freezer to a hot oven or grill. Rocket ship technology? I don’t know, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to love it!

This 9-piece nested bowl set includes measuring cups and spoons as well, in fun colors. BPA-free polymer, from Joseph-Joseph.

Nothing says holidays – or romance, and you know how I love romance – like candles. These Mystique Flameless candles are real wax, but battery-operated with a tiny fan that flickers the flame and a five-hour timer! Available in dark red, white, bay leaf green, and butterscotch.

(Thanks to Marlys Anderson-Hisaw, owner of Roma’s Kitchen Store in Bigfork, Montana, for helping Heidi out with suggestions! All items shown are available at Roma’s – 406-837-2332 or – mail order website coming soon!)

Death al Dente is the first book in the Food Lovers' Village Mysteries, published by Berkley Prime Crime in August 2013. The series is set in a small, lakeside resort community in Northwest Montana, on the road to Glacier Park, near where author Leslie Budewitz lives! Watch for Crime Rib, coming in July 2014.

Leslie won the 2011 Agatha Award for Best Nonfiction for Books, Crooks & Counselors: How to Write Accurately About Criminal Law & Courtroom Procedure (Quill Driver Books). Visit her at or


  1. I LOVE kitche gadgets. Too bad there is not enought kitchen to store them all at my house. With the reality of an "empty nest" coming soon I am sure my husband will want me to start cutting back on the gadgets!

  2. My partner and I love browsing in kitchen shops.. those lovely stores that show off all the latest toys and gadgets for the home chef. It's fun to run up and down the isles like a child, eyes wide and happy, hoping you can find just the spice or meat thermometer or even that electronic scale you saw on a cooking show.

    Then reality sets in as she says to me, "one new thing in, one old thing out". Our kitchen is 6'x9' with all cabinets reaching to the ceiling for maximum storage. LOL

  3. I too love kitchen goodies, just wish I had more counter space...and new cabinets...and a dishwasher...and...

  4. Ah, the realities of space limitations. Seems like the gadgets expand to fill the space you give them, don't they? My author likes to give herself prizes when a big job is done, like a manuscript -- maybe she should choose that pizza stone!

  5. Good Gadget Suggestions..We Love to Cook..;) VT Local of Course ^ ^ Best..Susan Happy Thanksgiving To All.,

    Susan Stokes

  6. Ah, Nora! That "one in, one out" rule can be so harsh!
    Katreader, a common complaint. I'd start with a dishwasher. If you can't fit a full-sized washer in your space, any chance of a rolling dishwasher -- bonus counterspace on top? Or one of the new dishwasher drawers -- they take up 1/3 to a 1/2 the space, and are perfect for smaller households.
    And Susan, I bet you've got some great local taste treats!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I love kitchen gadgets, both new and old. :)

  8. Ooo I want the nested bowl set! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  9. I love to cook and test different types of kitchen gadgets. I have very little room left for new gadgets so I'll have to start getting rid of some of the older ones that I don't use. Unfortunately, I use almost all of them. garczynski (at) aol (dot) com.