Saturday, November 30, 2013

Only four more sleeps until the big night

A brief but heartfelt message brought to you by Jordan Kelly Bingham of the book collector mysteries by Victoria Abbott (aka Mary Jane Maffini and Victoria Maffini)

Wow! Only four more sleeps until The Sayers Swindle hits the shelves and the e-readers.    We characters get noticed when books become available. People will be talking about us. There will be reviews and our names might be mentioned.

I'm almost too excited to breathe. Why should I care? After all, I am only a fictional character. Well, for one thing,  I don’t get out much. Most days, I am shut in between the pages of a book, and previously in a manuscript, and before that a WORD file. Do you think that’s easy? Because it isn’t.

Seriously, our authors are always gallivanting around pretending to be busy with authorly ‘business’ which too often seems to involve lunch. So who does all the work? I do, that’s who. I am the research assistant for Vera Van Alst, the most hated woman in Harrison Falls, New York. I do the sleuthing. Who else managed to track down that missing collection of Dorothy L. Sayers books for Vera? Not Mrs. I Have to Get My Nails Done Today and not Mrs. I Need To Go Off and Take Artistic Photographs for sure.  No, I do all the work. Plus I cope with Vera, I help my friend, Karen, who is recovering from a head injury and I'll  look after Walter the Pug until she's better. I also provide a scratching post for the Siamese cats who always present a challenge.

Then there’s Uncle Kev. Don’t get me started!  I am the first person in my family to go straight, but sometimes I think I’ll be driven to—. Sorry.  That won't ever happen. Now, back to my point.
The important thing is that I face all the danger.  I solve the mystery. I save people. There’s a lot to my life, but it only comes out when people turn a page or click on their e-reader.
So on December 3rd when The Sayers Swindle comes out, I’ll be celebrating. I am the protagonist, after all.  Then on December 4th, my authors will celebrate with a book launch. They’ll even do a bit of reading and people will get a sense of what I sound like. I can’t believe how excited I am. Now if only I can find myself in a lot of Christmas stockings, without having to use my lock picks to get into those homes. That would be purrfect, as the Siamese say.

Any words of advice for me? I am trying to keep calm and cool.

Victoria Abbott is a collaboration between Victoria Maffini and her mother,  Mary Jane Maffini. The Christie Curse, their first book collector mystery, launched in March 2013 and The Sayers Swindle, the second in the series will be out December 3rd. Please let them know how you like the cover!

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  1. I am SO looking forward to this one!

  2. I can't wait to read this book. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Love this blog, there are a lot of great reads listed!!!Happy December to you !