Saturday, January 11, 2014

Crazy Weather

by Caro Lamont, pet therapist and amateur sleuth from Sparkle Abbey’s pampered pets mystery series.

Hi there. It’s good to chat with you again. I’m originally from Texas and I absolutely adore my home state, but at the moment I live in Laguna Beach, California and I love it here too.  There’s the people, the pets, and the lovely mild weather. Speaking of weather, hasn’t it just been all kinds of crazy lately in all different parts of the world? 

I talked to my mother this morning and she tells me Texas has had the coldest weather they’ve had in several years. And believe me, Katherine Lamont ne’ Montgomery is not happy about it.  Mama had some big fancy luncheon planned yesterday and more than half of the ladies canceled on her. She simply cannot believe the polar vortex would be so rude as to intrude on her plans.

I made appropriate sympathetic sounds as she went on and on about who came and who didn’t, and who wore what, and what was served to those brave enough to weather the freezing temperatures. 

Now it wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in what was going on with my human family, but I’d actually called to check on the animals. You see usually in Texas we’re worried about the effects of excessive heat on our animals, but recently it’s been down in the 30s and that’s too cold for our furry friends. Especially those not used to the cold.

I’m sure y’all are aware of these concerns (I’m equally sure Mama Kat was not listening to me) but we can all use a reminder.

 1) Dogs need outdoor exercise, but don’t keep them outside too long when it’s very cold. And if they’re short-haired they might need a doggy sweater for their walk.

2) Repeatedly coming out of the cold into a warm dry house can make your pet’s skin itchy. Towel dry your pet right away and pay careful attention to the paws.

3)  Canine booties can protect paws, if your pooch will tolerate them, but if your dog is not into footwear, make sure to clean those paws well when they come inside.

4) Salt and chemical de-icers can hurt paws. Use pet-friendly ice melt.

5) Bath your pets as little as possible when it’s cold and ask your vet about a moisturizing shampoo.

6) Pets burn more energy when it’s cold and so you may need to provide a little more food and make sure there’s plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

7) Never leave pets outdoors unattended or leave them alone in a vehicle. Remember if it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pet.

Like I said, I’m sure you know these things and Mama assured me all precautions were being taken with the Montgomery/Lamont family pets. I, in turn, assured her I was doing just fine, here in Laguna where this weekend the weather’s supposed to be rainy but in the 70s.

So what’s the weather going to be like in your neck of the woods this weekend? We're headed to a writers' conference in Omaha. Hope you have fun plans and that the weather cooperates


  1. Omaha is only about a 3 hr drive from where I live, in South Dakota. We're actually enjoying some nicer weather compared to a week ago with a forecasted high of 40 degrees. Earlier this week, our high was only 0 degrees. Look forward to reading your Pampered Pet Series though I think any family pet is pampered and spoiled. My husband and I have two spoiled cats.

  2. Dianne - We agree! Our pets are certainly pampered. :-) As far as the weather we are thrilled about the weather in Omaha today. It is in the 30s...feels like a heat wave!

  3. We also live in California but we have been concerned about pets who live in the areas that have been hit hard by the recent cold weather. Your advice is really helpful, Caro.