Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Friends, birthdays and good things for the New Year.

By Lizzie Turner, from the Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries by Erika Chase

Today is the birthday of my very, very good friend, Sally Jo Baker. Although I haven't known her that long, it didn't take long for the friendship to develop into a sisterhood.

I have another friend like that. Paige Raleigh. We've known each other since early school days and we've been there for each other through all those great things that happen in life, and all the sad ones, too.

It gives me a warm glow to start this New Year thinking about my friends. Of course, all of the members of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society have become good friends. That's what happens when you're trying to find a killer! And, reading all those great mysteries.

I'm not sure what awaits us all in the fourth installment of the Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries, although we get an inkling whenever our author, Erika Chase, reads parts aloud. I think I'm destined to get into trouble. Again. But I'll have my friends there to support me and help track the real killer. Come on now, you know it isn't me! Book Fair and Foul comes out later this year so you'll have to wait for more details. As will we.

But for now, I'm wishing Sally Jo a birthday that stretches into several celebrations (always good to add one more lunch!) and a year of happiness.

I'm sure y'all have a friend(s) who's crossed that invisible border into the fellowship of the family. How did you first meet?

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  1. Happy Birthday to Sally Jo! Friendship is all about common interests and caring about the other person and being there during difficult times as well as the good times. Its often hard to find that kind of combination. Looking forward to reading some this series during these cold winter months.

  2. Happy birthday, Sally Jo! As a reader, I'd like to say that you add a lot to the books. So please have a lovely time today and in the next book. I have a feeling things will go really well for you.