Sunday, January 12, 2014

Resolution Pollution

by Vera Langhorne of CROSS STITCH BEFORE DYING by Amanda Lee

Am I the only person satisfied with myself just the way I am? I'm not knocking self-improvement by any stretch of the imagination. Heck, after my husband John died, I lost weight, changed my hair style, started wearing more fashionable clothes, and I might have even had a nip or a tuck here or there. (And don't go thinking I was a bad wife for doing all that after he died--he wouldn't let me do it while he was living.)

Anyway, all this January "resolution pollution" drives me up the wall. What is it about December 31 that makes us think we need to hit January wide open with our decisions to lose weight, get more organized, exercise every day, or whatever else is trending? Is it something ingrained in us, or is it the media telling us what we should do?

Granted, some of us could stand to lose a few pounds, control our spending, drink a little less, exercise a little more, etcetera, etcetera. But we should listen to ourselves and make that decision when we need to make it...not make it every December 31 and break it by February 1. That just puts us on an emotional roller coaster where we wind up beating ourselves up and thinking we're not good enough.

Well, here's something I learned after being married to an abusive husband: I'm good enough. And you're good enough. Sure, we all have things we can improve on. But we're still pretty fantastic.


  1. Embroidery is my favorite past time, though very few people do the stamped embroidery anymore. The counted cross stitch defeats me. As for resolutions, I rarely make them. As you say, we start out with good intentions January 1 and usually fail to get by the first 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, for women, Society has this concept of how women should look. Not all of us manage to achieve this appearance.

  2. I agree. Why make resolutions you know you won't keep, or even that you think you won't keep?

  3. Rather than resolutions, I put up a "to do" list at my desk. It has a list of things I want to deal with during the coming year, such as work to be done on the house, organizing and cleaning. I also add what some would consider as resolutions, such as be a better friend, lose weight and so on. To me, it feels more like things I want to accomplish than a resolution. Maybe it's all in the wording

  4. Great video, but I'd like to see a wider spread of ages and weights.