Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wicked Irish Dancer

By: Vera Matthews

From: The Cumberland Creek Mystery Series
Author: Mollie Cox Bryan
Book 3 Title: Death of an Irish

So everybody’s worried about me and it’s getting on my nerves. I mean, yes, I’m having a bit of a rough time right now. But who wouldn’t be? My soon-to-be ex-husband is shacked up with a young woman in Charlottesville and my daughter, Elizabeth, and I rarely see him. Not that I want to see too much of him, mind you. But he is her father and she’s only three-years-old, so it’s important that her dad is a part of her life. That’s the part that irks me—and don’t get my Mama going on it, she will talk your ear off about and may even use a few unpleasant words. (Yep, that’s Beatrice, my mother, she just lets it rip sometimes.)
Another hard part for me is leaving my home. We’ve not been able to sell it, so our lawyers got together and thought that renting it would help. So now, I’m moving into to the little apartment about my shop, after a brief stay with Mama and Jon. You see, Bill’s not making as much money as he used to and I’m barely making anything at all, now that wicked Irish dancer Emily McGlashen is in town.
In fact, she’s at the root of a lot of my angst. When she first moved into town, believe it or not, I was thrilled. I thought we might partner on some events, pool our resources, and so on. She’d have none of that. Right from the start, she started spreading brochures around town claiming Irish dancing was better for children than ballet. Well, I never! And I can’t believe I’m losing student over this. So am I stressed? Am I? Hell, yes. But my friends and family don’t need to treat me like a child. I’m a grown-up and I will survive. It sure is nice to have so many people caring about me, but they just need to give me a little space. Do you know what I mean?

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