Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Here We Go Again ... Sunny Meadows tells a tale of Shenanigans in the Shadows

The Fortune Teller Mysteries
by Kari Lee Townsend
Shenanigans in the Shadows
Sunny Meadows speaks

Here We Go Again Anthology
Shenanigans in the Shadows

Detective Mitch Stone and Mishcievous Morty the cat resort to shenanigans as they compete for psychic Sunshine Meadows' attention. But when Sunny's best friend's heirloom wedding rings go missing. they must all work together for figure out whodunit.

Hi folks. My name is Sunshine Meadows, but everyone calls me Sunny. On Feb 24th I'm going to tell you a brand new story. Mitch finally took the plunge and moved in with me. I had such high hopes for our relationship now that we're a real couple. But he and Morty are constantly at each other, causing all sorts of chaos. I can't take it any more. If they don't stop soon, I'm walking out the door. Jo needs me. Her wedding is so close, and I'm the maid of honor. Just wait until you hear what they did. Join me for a release party on facebook with lots of prizes and loads of fun. In the meantime, here's an except of my story.

                “Here we go again,” I said, staring at my big white cat, Morty. He stood defiantly in front of the window in my ancient Victorian house, casting a foreboding shadow behind him. A telling smirk crossed his aristocratic face as he shot me a parting look with his jet black eyes and then walked regally out of the room.
                “What do you mean?” asked my best friend, Joanne Burnham, swiping burgundy curls over her voluptuous shoulder and studying me with curious, smoky gray eyes.
                “Punxsutawney Phil’s six more weeks of winter has got nothin’ on Mischievous Morty’s six more weeks of doom. The look in his eyes just now said it all. Frankly, I can’t take any more shenanigans from either of them. If they don’t knock it off, I’m building a doghouse and putting them both in it!”
                “I take it things still aren’t going well between him and Detective Stone?”
                “They seemed to have called a sort of truce. I just never dreamed that asking Mitch to move in with me would cause so much chaos. Morty doesn’t exactly like to play nice in the sandbox.
                “Maybe Morty’s jealous of the attention you’re giving to Mitch now that you’re finally a real couple. I just went through that with Cole and Biff.”
                Biff was the beautiful Great Dane pup Cole and Jo had adopted from Animal Angels recently. Poor baby had been abused, but once Cole laid eyes on him, he was a goner. Biff didn’t like to share his daddy with anyone, not even Jo.
                I glanced outside at Biff lying like an angel in the shade under a tree in the back yard. “What did you do, tranquilize him? He used to be so hyper.”
                “Nah, he’s a good boy. I just had to let him know who the boss was.”
                “Yeah, well, easier said than done with Morty, considering the house is his and he was gracious enough to let me stay. He’s his own boss, and we all know that.”
                “I wasn’t talking about Morty.” Jo’s eyes sparkled.
                I laughed over that one. “You might be onto something.”
                “Speak of the devil.” Jo grinned as my big brooding hulk of a man Mitch walked through the front door, followed closely by her even bigger tattooed, leather covered Sasquatch Cole. Morty shot outside before the door closed, and Mitch grunted as if to say good riddance, then the men joined us in the living room.
                He frowned at Jo. “I can only imagine what you two were talking about.” Then he looked at me and arched a thick black brow. I wasn’t about to tell him. Let him worry for a change.
                “Did you put the rings someplace safe?” I asked.
                “I’m a cop, Tink.” He winked, then slapped his chest. “I’m the king of safety.”
“And where exactly would that ‘safe place’ be, Grumpy Pants?” I asked, minus the wink.
                He lost his smile, knowing I wasn’t happy with him. “They’re safe. I promise.” His eyes softened as he studied me and said in a deep husky voice, “I got this, babe. You can trust me.”

                I couldn’t help melting a little and forgiving him just a tiny bit, but any more shenanigans from either of them, and all bets were off. 

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  1. This sounds really good. Going to have to get it.

  2. Sounds like another good one. I just finished Tempest in the Tea Leaves, need to catch up. Morty can be just a bit creepy ;-)

  3. Thanks Judy. We all had fun with this anthology :)

  4. Glad you liked Tempest, Grandma Cootie :) I've had a ball with this series.