Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oliver’s Fear of Birds

By French bulldog Oliver from Plainly Murder and Murder, Plain and Simple by Isabella Alan

Angie Braddock is my bestest friend and I don’t know what I would do without her. But even she doesn’t know why I’m afraid of birds. At times, I wish I could tell her, so that she would give up all her ideas to make me like birds. I’ve been to a doggie therapist, acupuncture, and hypnosis. Nothing worked and nothing will because birds are terrifying.

It all started when I was just a wee thing of a pup before Angie came and gave me my forever home. I didn’t have any litter mates and was alone much of the time as my birth mother napped. Unfortunately, I wasn’t completely alone. My breeder had a cockatiel named Floyd. Shiver! The bird didn’t like me from the word “go” because its owner gave me too much attention. Most of the time the white menace sat in its cage hanging from the ceiling, squawking at me, but sometimes, the owner would let him out to fly around the house while he was at work.

All day Floyd would torment me. I had to wriggle beneath the covers in my little bed and pray for the owner to return. Sometimes, my birth mother would scare Floyd away, but most of the time she was asleep, and I had to wait for the owner to come home. This went on for weeks until one beautiful day Angie came. The moment I saw her, I knew she was the one for me. She had wild golden hair and the biggest smile I had ever seen. I jumped into her arms and that was that. We were together, and nothing would tear us apart. I knew she would protect me. When Floyd squawked at me, she glared and him, and he shut right up. That was the best day.

Angie took me back to her apartment in Dallas, and we were happy. Angie was going to marry Ryan and I was going to be the best dog. But then, Ryan broke my sweet Angie’s heart and we moved to Amish Country where there are a lot of birds. Gulp! I know this is what Angie needed to do to recover from her broken heart, so I went along because I love her and that’s what you do for those you love.

Thankfully, Mr. Gooding, our landlord built a doghouse for me in our backyard. It’s a good place to hide from Floyd’s wild cousins.

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  1. You poor baby! We didn't know birds would do such things. Thank you for the warning. We'll be more cautious, now...