Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Team Work

By Chandra Morrisey from Kylie Logan’s League of Literary Ladies mysteries

Don’t believe everything you hear.  I mean, about me being the biggest flake on South Bass Island.  Because I read crystals?  And tarot cards?  Because I have an herb garden and build bonfires to honor the full moon?

I think not!  In fact, I think it makes perfect sense to look at life through rainbow-colored glasses!  It definitely means I’m the free thinker in the League of Literary Ladies, the book discussion group I belong to with three of my friends.  It also means that when it comes to murder investigations–

What’s that?  Why am I talking about murder?  Well, it’s not that I don’t want to explain, it’s just that it’s a little complicated.  See, the four of us used to have neighborhood squabbles, and the judge got tired of seeing us in court.  He ordered us to be a book discussion group and after that . . .

Well, the first book we read was “Murder on the Orient Express” and we used Agatha Christie as a guide to solve a murder here on the island.  Then we had a Bastille Day celebration and read “A Tale of Two Cities.” What happened after that . . . well, we tell our story in “A Tale of Two Biddies.”

But I digress!  I was saying that I love my friends to death (most of the time) and that we each bring something special to our investigations.

There’s Luella Zak, seventy-some years old and the captain of a Lake Erie fishing charter boat.  Luella’s as practical and down to earth as it’s possible to get.  That means she’s reliable, dependable and sensible.  She’s the one who keeps us focused.

And Kate Wilder, owner of the island’s premier winery.  Kate’s our island fashionista and there are those who think she’s snobby and uppity, too.  I used to be one of them, but since we’ve joined the League, I’ve found out that Kate has a big heart.  She likes to hide it, but trust me, it’s there.

And then there’s Bea Cartwright.  Bea is one of the island’s newest residents.  If you can believe it, she bought the hulking Victorian monstrosity of a house next door and I’ll tell you what, her late husband, Martin, must have been loaded.  How else could she afford to re-do the house from top to bottom and turn it into a fabulous B&B?  Bea’s the smartest person I’ve ever known, and more often than not, she’s the one doing the investigating.  Oh, she counts on all of us to go with her when she’s interviewing suspects, and Bea likes to bounce ideas and theories off us, too.

That’s a good thing.  Bea does the thinking.  Luella adds the practical advice.  Kate looks at things like the hard-headed businesswoman she is.

And me?  When it comes to murder, it doesn’t hurt to have rainbow-colored glasses.  In fact sometimes, they help keep everything in focus.


  1. I'm not really snooping when I'm with a friend...

  2. I have my own theory about how Bea got her money. I love this series.

  3. Oooh, Nancy...I wonder if you've figured out Bea's secret! All will be revealed--one of these books!