Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Do You Do to De-Stress?

By Caro Lamont, pet therapist and lead in every other book in the Pampered Pets mystery series by Sparkle Abbey.

Sometimes life just gets crazy doesn’t it?

Even here in beautiful Laguna Beach where most of us are pretty laid back, life can get stressful.

People do different things to de-stress. Some find taking a walk soothing. I do that sometimes with my pooch, Dogbert. We especially love the beach, but dogs aren’t allowed on the beach all the time. 

So sometimes we have to settle for just a walk around the neighborhood.  Regardless of the place, a nice walk with a non-judgmental canine companion reminds us to stop and smell the…roses, and the bushes and, well, everything.

Other people do yoga to calm them. In Laguna Beach there's actual a Laughter Yoga Club that meets seven days a week on Main Beach. Is that a great idea, or what? You can check them out here: Laguna Beach Laughter Club


I do a weekly yoga class, but not the laughing kind. Although, maybe I should. You see, I don’t just deal with problem pups or misbehavin’ felines. Lately, I’ve run into my share of dead bodies. Not as many as Jessica Fletcher, you understand, but more than this Texas gal ever imagined she would come across.  So right now I’m taking a class on self-defense that my main squeeze bought me as a Valentine’s Day gift. (There was jewelry involved too, but for some reason the guy thought I needed a defensive moves class in addition to the more romantic emerald earrings.) Maybe once I’ve finished this class, I’ll look into the Laughter Club.

I also love to read when I need a break from real life. I have several auto-buy favorite authors and I read a variety of genres, but I find I always come back to mysteries. There’s just something about a story with a great puzzle, characters to root for, and a sense of place that takes you away to a world other than the one that’s stressing you.

So how about you? 

When life get’s crazy for you, what do you do to de-stress?


  1. Read a book or watch a comedy where I can laugh the stress away.

  2. Dru, those are great ways to de-stress!

  3. You poor thing--no snow to shovel. Wearing oneself out is another way to de-stress .

  4. Willow, no snow, thank goodness! A little bit of it's pretty but this year you all have had quite the winter. Hope spring is right around the corner for you!

  5. All great destressors. Knitting is a good one, also playing word games such as Scrabble.

  6. Great ideas, Nancy. In fact knitting has been used as tool for those with PTSD as it's what therapists call a "present-moment mind-body" activity. :-)

  7. Read the latest book by Sparkle Abbey or some other humorous cozy.