Sunday, March 9, 2014

What Happens When Authors Imaginations Run Wild?

            Authors Heather Blake and Denise Swanson spent some quality time together and wondered what would happen if their characters ever found themselves in the same room and started chatting.

Darcy Merriweather: Where are we? This isn’t anywhere in the Enchanted Village. Are you the Elder?

Devereaux Sinclair: Who the heck is the Elder and what the heck is the Enchanted Village?

Darcy: Long story. (You can read all about them in Heather’s book, The Goodbye Witch.)

Dev: Isn’t that the Chicago skyline in the distance? But how did I get from Shadow Bend, Missouri to Illinois?

Darcy: Don’t look at me. I’m not that kind of witch.

Dev: Witch! Oh. You mean with a b?

Darcy: That too. Maybe this has something to do with the last dead body I found.

Dev: You found one too? Who knew that hosting a book club in my dime store would get me into such hot water?

Darcy: I found my best friend’s fugitive ex dead on her sofa.

Dev: I found a dead poet in a box with a stake through his heart.

Darcy: Good times.

Dev: Do you think the FBI has taken us into custody?

Darcy: This better not be Nick’s way of getting me out of the way of his investigation.

Dev: Who’s Nick?

Darcy: Long story short, he’s the police chief in the village where I live and he’s my…ah…

Dev: Boyfriend?

Darcy: Boyfriend doesn’t seem appropriate. It’s more than that. It’s complicated.

Dev: You don’t know complicated. I’m seeing a US Marshall and the local doctor.

Darcy: Hussy. (laughs) No. You go girl. Are you eventually going to choose between them?

Dev: I wish, I—

Darcy: Whoa. Whoa. Be very careful what you wish for.

Dev: Oooookay, then. Well if we ever get out of this room and back home, maybe I’ll figure it out.

--Nationally bestselling author, Heather Blake’s next Wishcraft Mystery, The Goodbye Witch, debuts May 6. Pre-order it now at Amazon 

New York Times bestselling author, Denise Swanson’s third Devereaux’s Dime Store mystery, Dead Between the Lines, debuted March 4. Order it now at Amazon 

For more information on either series check out HeatherBlakeBooks and Denise Swanson


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    1. Thanks, Candace. Denise and I have way too much fun together.

  2. What are our authors thinking? Never mind, I'm not sure I want to know...

  3. Cute read which was made a challenge by a giant furball cat stomping across my stomach.LOL

  4. That was fun! I would love to hear more from them. What a great idea for some of our favorite characters to meet.