Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Have I Gotten Into?

Liza Simon blogging for the

Domestic Diva Mysteries

by Krista Davis

Hi, Liza with a Z here. No, not that one. But I am from New York. I've moved to Old Town Alexandria, which is a big change for me. The only real high rises are on the outskirts of town. The center is pretty but everything is old. I mean really old, like a couple hundred years old.

The people are nice, even if they do have funny accents, but they love their creaky, old, historic houses. The more the floors slant, the more they seem to like it. Frankly, I prefer modern. You know, clean and sleek, like nobody ever used it before.

I'm having my doubts about letting my husband, Luis, choose a house without my seeing it first. Ugh. He could have bought a condo. With a doorman, and a valet even. But noooo, he had to go and buy a certified historic house. Now he's all antique this and historic that. I told him I would move out if I didn't get a baby grand piano. Now I'm stuck in this ancient house because the rat went and bought me the baby grand!

I'll probably get used to all this old stuff. Right? I mean, it's pretty and quaint. Though they could learn a thing or two from New York. People, listen up! Sidewalks should be flat, not uneven brick. I thought I'd break my neck in my nice heels. No wonder my neighbors tend to wear flats and sneakers. Not much of a fashion look if you ask me.

In the city, my husband and I had a ball on weekends. You know, take in a matinee or hit Bloomies. Now Luis likes to drive around looking for garage sales. He buys used tools from little old men like he's some kind of Harry Homeowner. Oy. If that's not bad enough, some of the neighborhood guys have gotten him all excited about the Christmas decorating contest. And my neighbor Natasha expects me to bake 13 dozen cookies. I can't even do the math on that. It's like one hundred gazillion cookies. She can't be serious. Right?


  1. Can you convince Natasha that dime-sized cookies are the Next Big Thing?

  2. Oh, Willow, I like your thinking. Liza, with a Z, I think she's got a plan for you. You can do it. I'm sure anything you set your mind to, you can do. But also know that you can tell Natasha to take a hike. LOL Back when I was in advertising, I had to do that all the time. Now I really like the easy pace in my small town of Crystal Cove.

    Best to you! Jenna Hart