Saturday, April 19, 2014

Authors are Crazy!

 Kari Lee Townsend

Hi there, it's me, Kalli Ballis. I'm back again. If you remember from when I was here last time, I told you that I work at my best friend Jazyln's, boutique Full Disclosure, and I design lingerie called Kalli's Originals.

Now, I  know ,many people have jobs that they are passionate about. Jaz is very dedicated to her store, and I am obsessed with getting my designs just right.

Well, let me tell you, my author Kari Lee Townsend is crazy!

At least when the average person is obsessed, it affects just them. Try being a main character in an author's book!

Authors are NOT average people, folks!

They are always working, even when they are not working, and their poor characters are dragged along, kicking and screaming, wherever these crazy authors take them.

They work all the time. At home, in their cars, even at their children's extracurricular activities, whatever they may be. I've listened to music, watched recitals, cheered on lacrosse teams...all while she made me do crazy things on the page.

Normally I don't mind, but freezing my butt off at the end of April while it's supposed to be spring is just crazy! There was snow on the field. SNOW! I've decided to take over my author's pen and write an epilogue because winter must die after what it put us through this year.

So tell me, what crazy thing has your author put you through lately?

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  1. My biographer, Janet Bolin, doesn't put me through anything. I live my life and she writes about it. But I do find it a little strange that she knows what's going to happen to me before it happens...