Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Going Greene on Earth Day

By:Dani Greene
Book: Drizzled with Death
Author: Jessie Crockett
Series: The Sugar Grove Mysteries, Book 1

Today is Earth Day and here at Greener Pastures Tree Farm we are celebrating by visiting the Sugar Grove Elementary School to share some green living activities with the students. It is one of my favorite days of the year because I get to share my passion for land stewardship with a whole new generation of New Hampshire kids.

As sugar makers my family depends on the climate being what it is at present to ensure our ability to make maple syrup. The balance of warm days and cold nights is what makes it possible to tap the trees. Because of this we take global warming very seriously.

My family and I show up in the morning and spend the day volunteering in classrooms and helping teachers with a variety of Earth Day activities from educating kids about composting to talking about buying local foods whenever possible. We bring in soil-blockers to help create environmentally friendly plant pots which the kids to use to plant maple trees for their own yards. We let them know about land trusts in our area that provide recreation areas for families and which help reconnect people with nature in fun ways.

By the end of the day everyone has had a great time and hopefully has picked up a few tips for going green. Happy Earth Day from the Greene Family to you!

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