Friday, April 18, 2014

My Opinion of People

by Lauren Vancouver, pet rescuer, whose adventures are memorialized in the Pet Rescue Mysteries by Linda O. Johnston

I've been in pet rescue for quite a while, and at times I really feel I love pets but dislike people.  Some people come to HotRescues, the no-kill shelter I run in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley, and bring their dog or cat along just to dump with me.  I can legally take in owner relinquishments and usually do because I feel so sorry for those pets whose people simply don't want them any more. 

Oh, sure, there are sometimes good reasons, like the owner was a relative who passed away.  Or the family needs to move because of dire financial reasons and the apartment they're moving into won't allow pets (although why not keep looking for one that does allow pets?).  I understand that circumstances can change, and at times people need to find new homes for their pets. 

But sometimes the people I see simply don't understand that their pets are family, too, and not just disposable objects that happen to be living with them.  It's much too sad to dump a dog at a shelter just because he's getting old.  I want to shake some sense into people like that.  Even more, I want to do all I can to make their pets' lives turn wonderful--even if there's only a short time left in their lives.

So, yes, at times I consider myself nearly a misanthrope--a hater of people.

And then there are those other times, when I see people going out of their way to save pets from horrible circumstances.   Like last-minute rescues from high-kill shelters to keep dogs or cats from being put down.  Or going into burning buildings to save not only people but their pets, too.  I even saw a viral video online of a bunch of people going out of their way, endangering themselves to  save the members of a pod of dolphins that had beached themselves. 

When I see something like that, I remind myself that I'm a person.  Not all people are sweet and kind and appreciate animals. 

But some do.  And those are the people I love. 



TEACUP TURBULENCE, the fifth Pet Rescue Mystery by Linda O. Johnston, was a January 2014 release from Berkley Prime Crime.


  1. We're dogs. We like other dogs. And some other cats. And people. People found us when we were lost, cold babies, and took good care of us.

  2. So, yes, there are definitely some good people out there. I just wish all people were like the ones who found you, Sally-Forth and Tally-Ho.

  3. I've always been sadly surprised when people act like their pets are disposable. In my family, once you adopt a pet, it's part of the family.

  4. I'm with you, Anonymous! That's the way it should be.
    --Lauren... and Linda!