Friday, April 11, 2014

Today is Love Your Pet Day!

Melinda Langston from the Pampered Pets mysteries by Sparkle Abbey

Hey ya’ll. It’s Mel, owner of The Bow Wow Boutique in Laguna Beach. If you’re a pet person like me, you’re probably spreading the word that today is Love Your Pet Day

To be fair, it's also Barber Shop Quartet Day and Day of Silence. Since I don't sing, and there's no way on God's green earth I'll stop talking, I'm focusing on pet day.

Unless you’ve been vacationing in Thailand with the Kardashians you’ve probably seen the tearjerker video about the best day of Meaty’s life. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading and watch it right now. Go ahead, I've given you the link. Best Day of My Life video

What’d I tell ya? Just brings tears to your eyes, doesn't it?. Joyful tears, but still, tears.

I’ve got to confess, as soon as I saw it, and when I could see clearly again, I smothered my Missy girl with hugs and kisses.

For those of you who know me, ya’ll know Missy is my amazing bulldog. She’s not as beautiful as Meaty, but she’s beautiful to me. I adopted Missy when she was just a pup. And just like in the video, I went a little overboard. A run on the beach, a car ride so she could stick her head out the window, a good scrub with a handful of chew toys to keep her occupied, and a trip to a pet boutique for anything and everything dog related. I even signed her up for an ugly bulldog contest—all on the first day of our relationship. I’m a all-or-nothing kinda gal.

Love Your Pet Day is an opportunity for us pet people to not only show our own beloved four-legged loved ones how much they mean to us, but it’s also a chance to pay it forward in a different way.

Maybe we could think outside the box and pay the love forward.

Instead of indulging your pet with a new toy, yummy treats or a game of fetch, why not donate that toy to a local shelter?

Or the twenty dollars (or more) you’d spend on gourmet treats or a new collar, donate it to a rescue organization in your pet's name.

 If you're able to donate your time as a volunteer, your help is definitely needed. Even if it’s to walk the dogs, pet the cats, or clean out a hamster cage. Every little bit helps. And every pet wants to be loved.

My author's donated a full set of Sparkle Abbey books to their local ARL for their Raise Your Paw auction. Does your local shelter do anything like that to raise money?

What else could we do? Let's think outside the box and come up with some other ways we can celebrate Love Your Pet Day. 

Post your ideas!


  1. Maybe it's time to visit a shelter and adopt another pet...

  2. So miss having a dog. But Maggie the Cat would claw first and ask questions later. She likes being an only child. Great idea for the shelter!

    1. We can't imagine that the regal Maggie would misbehave, Renee. :-)

  3. I love Love Your Pet Day. Thanks for the great post, Mel!
    -- Lauren Vancouver from the Pet Rescue Mysteries

    1. Linda, we know you love your pets everyday. :-) But it's nice there's a special day! Who knew, right?