Sunday, April 13, 2014

Working on the Biscuit Bowl Food Truck by Zoe Chase

Book #1 in the Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mysteries
Working on the Biscuit Bowl Food Truck
By Zoe Chase
From Death on Eat Street
By J. J. Cook

So an ordinary day starts early on a food truck. Competition is fierce. To get a good spot to sell means getting everything together, and getting out on the road. Monday through Friday, I'm up and baking biscuits at 4:30 a.m. I leave by 6 a.m.

In Mobile, Alabama – where I'm from – the best places to sell food are by the bay, or downtown. I like downtown best because the customers are a steady stream all day, instead of an enormous rush that I can't handle. There's only one of me working right now.

I take my cat, Crème Brulee, with me because he doesn’t like being at the old diner where we live. In all fairness, there ARE a lot of mice, and my cat is afraid of mice. He really liked our life at the apartment best, but I couldn’t afford both places.

Crème Brulee – like my parents – doesn’t really appreciate the idea of me living my dream. They think things should be ordinary, and go along smoothly all the time. 

Not me! 

I think life should be exciting, and people should make their own destiny. They shouldn’t just live blindly with no sense of purpose. I have a passion for food. I love to see people eat what I cook. I love that moment when they take a bite, close their eyes, and savor it. That's what I find exciting, and that's my future!

I don’t always plan to work out of my uncle’s old Airstream motorhome. Someday, I’ll have a great restaurant. People will wait in line to try my food. Quitting my job at the bank, making almost everyone angry, will all be worth it.

Life is too short not to enjoy good food, and take chances. Don’t you think?

You can find Zoe Chase and her cat, Creme Brulee, working on the Biscuit Bowl Food truck, and sometimes getting into trouble at 

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  1. Running a food truck sounds like quite a challenge, Zoe, but I'm sure you're up to it, and I bet that Crème Brulee will help you.