Saturday, May 31, 2014

Being a Locavore is Wicked Cool by Guest-Edith Maxwell

Book: 'Til Dirt Do Us Part
Author: Edith Maxwell
Series: Local Foods Mysteries

Hey, Ellie here. So last spring, at the end of middle school, my Girl Scout leader told us about the new badges for senior scouts. One of them is the locavore badge. It’s all about eating local foods. I think being a Girl Scout is awesome, and I love vegetables. I know, I’m like weird that way. 

I started volunteering on Cam Flaherty’s organic farm. She’s sort of geeky, but she knows a wicked lot about growing food and she was willing to teach me. But I didn’t really expect to have to help her get out of major trouble when...well, I don’t want to give her story away. I’ll sure never go anywhere again without my jackknife. I finished the requirements for my badge, too.

This fall? She sponsored a farm-to-table dinner. A tent, a bunch of tables and chairs, and a crowd of her customers and their friends on the farm, with Chef Jake cooking up the food in Cam’s new barn, and me and my friend Ashley serving Jake’s food and stuff. But some of the people weren’t getting along with each other. The next day Ms. Burr...well, when you read the book, you’ll find out what happened.

Then Cam got rescue chickens on the farm. OMG, they’re totally funny. They make like this gargling noise. They have personalities and everything. Cam named the leader Hillary, which my mom appreciates, ‘cause she worked on Ms. Clinton’s campaign last time.

My friend Vince--well, he’s almost my boyfriend--his dad raises pigs. That family is kind of low on money, and some bad stuff happened with the pigs. And with Vince. But Cam figured it all out, and Vince is fine now. I made it onto the cross-country team at school, and I’m trying to get girls to see how cool being a Girl Scout is. Being a locavore? I think that’s going to take more time.

Edith Maxwell writes the  Local Foods Mystery series (Kensington Publishing), the Speaking of Mystery series under the pseudonym Tace Baker  featuring Quaker linguistics professor Lauren Rousseau (Barking Rain Press), and the historical Carriagetown Mysteries, as well as award-winning short crime fiction.
A mother, world traveler, and former technical writer, Edith lives north of Boston in an antique house with her beau and three cats. She blogs every weekday with the Wicked Cozy Authors. You can find her here: 


  1. Congratulations, Ellie, on earning the badge, getting onto the cross-country team, learning more about good, fresh veggies, and (ahem) scouting out murder clues...

  2. Sounds like a fun book. I am looking forward to reading it. It's great that their is a drawing every day. Thank you.