Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

by Lucille Mazzarella 
from The Lucille Series by Peg Cochran

Yo, it’s Lucille here.  I want to wish yous all a happy Memorial Day.  Frankie is going to barbecue some hamburgers and hot dogs, and I’ve got the lasagna all ready to go in the oven and a nice antipasta to start.  Flo is bringing the canolis from that bakery over in Maplewood.  Everyone is going to come over to have a bite to eat.

I stopped by St. Rocco’s this morning to light a candle.  Today’s the day we’re supposed to remember all the soldiers who died to keep our country free.  I remember Pop talking about the war and going over to Europe and all on a ship.  His cousin Vince never did make it back.  He was only eighteen.  Broke his mother’s heart.

Then there were all the other wars—Vietnam and now in some country over in the Middle East.   Bernadette’s Tony was over there for a year and boy, were we glad when he got home safe and sound and all in one piece.  Not everyone was so lucky.

So Frankie’s going to get the flag out.  We’ve got a flag pole in the front yard that we put in when we moved into the house back before Bernadette was even born. 

I’m just so glad we live in these here United States and not in one of them countries where you can’t speak your mind and you don’t get to vote or nothing. 

So, happy Memorial Day, and let’s all say a prayer of thanks to all them who sacrificed to keep us free.

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  1. Happy Memorial Day to you and Frankie too! Looks like you're going to have quite a spread to feed everyone on this special day. Makin' my mouth water here ya know!
    Thanks for coming by and introducing yourself to me...I hadn't heard about your last adventure (Confession is Murder). Sounds like you're always up to some kind of sleuthing girl! Now see what you've done...I have to play catch up now! Betcha I'm going to have a ball doin it too! Take it slow and easy...Sandy in So. Cali