Wednesday, May 7, 2014


by Lizzie Turner from the Ashton Corners Book Club
     Mysteries, by Erika Chase

With Mother’s Day just a few days off, I’m wracking my brain trying to come up with the perfect gift. I go through this every year, hoping to find something that will really catch my mama’s attention.  Of course, I try to find that perfect gift for every occasion.

When I think back to Mother’s Day celebrations in the past, I go straight to the year that my daddy gave us both a gift, saying that his two favorite people in the whole world shared the day. I still have the charm bracelet that he gave me and Mama has the porcelain rose broach tucked away in her jewelry box. I wonder each year, if she remembers that day.

For the many past years, Mother’s Day has meant having lunch in the dining hall at the Magnolia Manor, where Mama is a resident in care. The meals have always been very tasty, there have been fresh carnations for each of the mamas, and dessert has been something very out-of-the-ordinary. One time it was an amazing Pecan pie; the other, a chocolate red velvet layer cake to remember. The desserts always bring a smile to Mama’s face.

So, my problem is, I’m stuck. Really honestly and truly stuck this year. Since I can’t think of something really personal, one that I hope will touch some chord of memory, I think I’ll go for something that would bring a smile to any mama’s face. 

What has been a special gift you’ve given your mama, or have received from your kids on Mother’s Day?


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  1. Is there a sweet she particularly likes (and can still eat...)? Chocolate?

  2. My crew got me Mell Corcoran's Shadows of Doubt. They know I love a good Paranormal Mystery and they did well. Can't go wrong with books for me! I recommend her book to everyone, is her site, so glad my kids and hubs found her as I really enjoy it!