Friday, May 9, 2014

What Happens When an Author’s Imagination Runs Wild?

Author Denise Swanson wondered what would happen if both of her fictional mystery worlds collided and the main characters in each could have a chat with each other.

Devereaux Sinclair: Hi, Skye. This is Dev Sinclair. We met at the Alpha Sigma Alpha national convention in Indianapolis a few years back.

Skye Denison Boyd: Right. You were the financial advisor from Missouri. I remember talking to my husband about investing with your company.

Dev: Oh! My! God! Did you do it?

Skye: No. At the time, Wally said that all our money was tied up. Then I sort of forgot.

Dev: Thank goodness! My boss turned out to be a scammer and his business was one giant
Ponzi scheme. (You can read all about it in Little Shop of Homicide.)

Skye: How awful for you. I hope you found another job.

Dev: Not in the financial field. I needed to be closer to home to keep an eye on my grandmother so I bought the old Shadow Bend dime store.

Skye: How fun. Did you keep it authentic to the period?

Dev: I did. Very vintage and kitschy.

Skye: I love that. Maybe I can talk my husband into a family vacation there some time. 

Dev: Speaking of your husband, do you remember telling me about your rocky trip to the altar?

Skye: That it was hard figuring out which of the two guys in my life was the one for me? (You can read all about Skye’s adventures in the Scumble River mysteries, and her wedding in Murder of a Stacked Librarian.)

Dev: Exactly. I’m in sort of the same predicament now.

Skye: Really? How did that happen?

Dev: Jake, the US Marshall, saved my bacon when I was accused of murder. Then my old high school boyfriend Noah who is now the local doctor, helped out when my best friend Boone was arrested. (You can read all about that in Nickeled-and-Dimed to Death.)

Skye: Now you have to choose between them?

Dev: Well, currently they’ve agreed to give me some time to see them both, but I know that won’t last long. (You can read all about that in Dead Between the Lines.)

Skye: You want me to tell you how I figured out my love life?

Dev: If it’s not too personal.

Skye: Heck. What are sorority sisters for if not to help with the personal stuff?

Dev: So how did you do it?

Skye: I picked the guy who loved me for me. Although he tried to modify his behavior, Simon would have always been trying to change me.

Dev: Did you make the right choice?

Skye: Definitely. Marrying Wally was the best decision of my life. It’s been seven years, but I knew on my honeymoon that I had finally gotten my happily-ever-after. (You can about Skye’s honeymoon in Murder of a Needled Knitter coming out Sept. 2, 2014.) 

Dev: Thanks so much. Let me know if your family is coming for a visit. Maybe by then I’ll know which man is my forever guy
Skye: Good luck!

New York Times bestselling author, Denise Swanson’s third Devereaux’s Dime Store mystery, Dead Between the Lines, debuted March 4. Order it now at Amazon


  1. I have two of the Dime Store mysteries. I need to get the next! PS Love Skye. Hate to admit it though. I still like Simon the best (I know it is fiction but I never dug the way Skye just tossed the relationship over her misunderstanding first). That is what is nice about Denise's fiction, you can disagree but still love every minute. :)