Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back-to-School Blahs

By: Annie Chamovitz

From: The Cumberland Creek Mystery Series
Author: Mollie Cox Bryan
Book 3 Title: Death of an Irish Diva

I suppose I should feel happy when the boys go back to school after a very long and somewhat difficult summer.  I feel like I should want a party. But instead, I drift around in the house for days and wonder what to do with myself

Of course, I always have my writing.
Even if it "beckons" or not, I still have to make those deadlines.

And there’s so much to be done around my small house that it’s amazing. I’m never caught up on laundry—definitely NOT on the house works. I tell myself every year when they boys go back to school, I should be able to use the time wisely and clean the house, really well, and it should only take a few days, right?

But then I get distracted. For example, the other day  I start cleaning out Sam’s closet and found so many things that just took me back to when he was a toddler. (Yes, I should really get rid of those things, I know, and I’m working on it.) Then I ran into an art folder of his when he was in the second grade. Wow. I stopped and looked at each page. What bunch of paper sweetness jammed into a blue folder.

And well.. the next thing I knew, the boys were home and there was homework, snacks, music, and soccer practice. Sigh.

No matter what I do, it seems as if my boys permeate my life—whether they're home with me or not. I guess I don’t mind that—not one little bit.

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  1. How are they enjoying school this year, Annie?

  2. Aww, so sweet. Don't worry about the laundry and the house, they'll still be there. Enjoy the kids while they're little, Annie!

  3. And even after they are grown up and married you think about them so much...