Friday, August 1, 2014

New Releases for August 2014

New Releases for August 2014

Brand New Titles For Your Reading Pleasure!

Chili Cook-Off Mystery # 2

Title: Death by Devil's Breath
Author: Kylie Logan
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Chili Cook-Off Mysteries
ISBN:  978-0425262429

In Las Vegas, the stakes are high—and so is the Scoville scale. Maxie Pierce and the Chili Showdown are in town for a very heated contest devoted to judging the legendary and notorious-for-being-self-combustible Devil’s Breath chili. The guest judges are casino performers with a taste for chili and an eye for publicity.
Maxie is already going mad organizing the event, dealing with her snide half sister, Sylvia, and trying to figure out her hothead of security, Nick. But when a local hack comedian drops dead in the middle of the Showdown, it isn’t the spicy dish—it’s poison. And Maxie is going to have to shuffle through a full deck of suspects to pick out the culprit.

Renaissance Faire Mystery # 7

Title: Bewitching Boots
Author: Joyce and Jim Lavene
Publisher: Amazon Books
Series: Renaissance Faire Mysteries
ISBN: 978-1500683412

Jessie Morton, director of the new Renaissance Faire Village Art and Craft Museum, is thrilled when she finds Bill Warren, an old fashioned shoemaker, and he agrees to come back to Renaissance Village with her. She’s not so thrilled when claims to have elf magic, and he falls for Princess Isabelle. The dancing slippers Bill makes for Isabelle make him a prime suspect when the princess takes a leap from the castle terrace. Now, Jessie must find the lady or lord who helped the princess with her last dance before she loses her star attraction.

Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery # 4

Title: Book Fair and Foul
Author: Erika Chase
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries
ISBN:  978-0425271490

When the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society gets involved with hosting the first ever Mystery Book Fair, things go deadfully awry with four unwieldy authors, four deep dark secrets, and one dead publicist. And things get worse when Lizzie Turner tops the prime suspect list. Time for the book club to stop reading and start sleuthing.


  1. Looking forward to reading the Chili Cook off series. I have read a couple of the Ashton Corners book club series.

  2. It going to be great fun this summer since I'll actually be reading all three of the books you've listed.

  3. Great series. My "to be read" list just keeps getting longer!

  4. Looks like a good lineup for August. How will I ever get any work done with all these great books to read!

  5. Off to a good start for August.

  6. Great books to read.


  7. They are all calling my name. I don't know which to read first :)

  8. Congrats on the new releases. More goodies for me to read...