Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Boy Ain't Never Been Right

by Tallulah Percifield of Baie Rebelle, Louisiana
You can meet me in Rebel Without a Cake 

a Piece of Cake mystery by Jacklyn Brady


Some people just aren't right. You know the ones I'm talking about, don't you? They may walk around like everybody else. They might even look normal enough. But on the inside, something off. There's a screw loose, maybe. Something in their head that just doesn't fire the way it should.

Silas Laroche is one of those people. The boy just ain't right. He ain't ever been right. Everybody knows something's wrong with him, but nobody seems to know what it is.

Silas lives out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a bunch of junk. Says the town of Baie Rebelle is too big and too crowded for him. I like my personal space as much as anyone, and I love my home town, but even I can't say Baie Rebelle has too many people in it.

Like the rest of us around here, Silas makes his living (such as it is) from the land. He hunts, fishes, and catches the occasional gator to get by. Or maybe I should be honest and say that he helps himself to what other people catch. It doesn't matter to him whose hook he cuts or whose trap he raids.

Folks around here do for each other, too. If someone needs help, we all chip in to give it. But Silas doesn't care about his neighbors or his family. Silas only cares about Silas.

Now, I'll admit that most of us have a "live and let live" attitude toward one another. Do what you want, don't matter to me. But Silas . . . well, he just plain don't care. Guess he's made of different stuff.

Frankly, the man has been a pain in my family's side for nearly two decades. If you were to ask me, I'd tell you that he deserves exactly what's coming to him--and I don't say that lightly. Why, if I thought I could get away with it, I'd make sure Silas didn't bother my family ever again, especially my brother, Eskil. Ever since my daddy disappeared in the swamp fifteen years ago, Eskil has taken the whole family on his shoulders. He does for me, Bitty and Mama and sees to it that we don't go without.

It's only right, of course, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate him for doing it. You know that kind of person too, I guess. The ones who just do what needs to be done and never stop to think about themselves? That's Eskil, and he deserves a whole lot better than he gets. 

That's all I'm saying.


Jacklyn Brady lives on the Gulf Coast and writes the Piece of Cake Mystery series which is set in New Orleans and features cake artist and trained pastry chef, Rita Lucero.

Rebel Without a Cake, book #5 in the Piece of Cake Mystery Series, is available for pre-order now! Jacklyn loves to hear from readers. Connect with her on the web: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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