Friday, October 17, 2014

It Seemed Like a Good Idea...

by Willow Vanderling from NIGHT OF THE LIVING THREAD by Janet Bolin

Are you ready for Halloween yet? Getting ready?

You've decided on a costume and made it yourself? You're already decorating? You're putting off buying candy because you're afraid you'll eat it all yourself before the big day?

To encourage folks to create their costumes and decorations early, we staged a Get Ready for Halloween Craft Fair here in Elderberry Bay, fondly known as Threadville.

We had a little problem fitting the fair into everyone's schedule, and ended up holding it the weekend right before the wedding of two of Threadville's most popular citizens, Edna and Gord.

To make matters worse, a bunch of zombies (okay, people who are made up, dressed, and lurching around like zombies) were also holding a what they called a "retreat." Between them and the wedding guests, the Elderberry Bay Inn was crowded.

Some of us ended up housing craft fair participants in our apartments. That turned out to be a big problem, especially for Edna, whose houseguest died under suspicious circumstance after she borrowed the fantabulous wedding overskirt that my friends and I made to surprise her. 

I ended up leading our police chief and a detective from the Pennsylvania State Police down a trail of glow-in-the-dark thread. The zombies chased us around a haunted graveyard, which turned out to be lots spookier than we'd ever imagined.

You can find out how things turned out in NIGHT OF THE LIVING THREAD, available at these booksellers.

Watch facebook, twitter, and Janet's website for information about SEVEN THREADLY SINS, coming May 5, 2015.


  1. Another excellent book in an excellent series! May 2015 is a looooooooooong time to wait for the next book.

  2. Thank you, Karen B! The publication date was moved up from June, so it's not as loooooooooong as I thought it would be!

  3. These books are so fun!! I have my whole family reading them...including my 97 year old mother. Keep em coming!!!