Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Saving the Best for Last

By:Loden Greene
Book: Maple Mayhem
Author:Jessie Crockett
Series:The Sugar Grove Mysteries

Autumn is my favorite season but not for the same reason the rest of my family loves it. Of course, the foliage in Sugar Grove is spectacular and the cool weather brings on a bout of baking enthusiasm in my grandmother that gladdens the heart. But the reason I love autumn is that is the perfect time to work in my train room.

Way back in the 1920s, during the Egyptology craze, one of my forefathers built a pyramid shaped addition onto the house. Unfortunately, he neglected to install a cooling system or even any windows. During the summer, the climate in the train room is absolutely sweltering and I can't bring myself to work in there much past sun-up. That doesn't leave much time to work on my Sugar Grove model village.

It has taken me several years but I've almost completed the entire town in miniature.The only two buildings that need completing are the opera house and the Stack Shack. As long as nothing unusual crops up, like another murder in our sleepy little town, I may just get the entire project finished before the last leaf blows of the trees. The opera house just needs a few last touches and then I can begin on the Stack Shack. Don't tell my sister, Dani, that I've saved the best for last. She keeps trying to get me to make my interest in the Stack's owner, Piper Wynwood, more obvious but every time I try I just get tongue-tied. Piper loves her restaurant at least as much as I love my trains and model village. Maybe, just maybe, if I invite her to the train room to see the completed miniature she'll finally really see me too.

Readers, what are your favorite things about fall? Any seasonal plans you are looking froward to?


  1. my favorite things about Fall is baseball playoffs, hockey season & new TV season!!

  2. I love shuffling through dry fallen leaves on sidewalks.

  3. I love the smells of autumn---apples cooking, leaves burning, bread baking.... :-)

  4. Poor Loden, you would think someone in his family would figure out a way to install central heating and cooling in that room. Poor baby!
    I love fall colors, food, college football and cooler temperatures.

  5. I love the cooler & crisper weather, the beautiful fall colors, the smells (pumpkins, apple cider, bread baking, etc) and the excitement that begins for the coming holidays