Thursday, January 22, 2015

Written in the Stars

By: Kelly Greene
From: Maple Mayhem
Author: Jessie Crockett
Series: The Sugar Grove Mysteries

Yesterday, Mercury went retrograde. That makes now until February 11 the perfect time to redecorate, renovate, review and refine. It is not a good time to start new projects, travel or purchase vehicles or technology items. It is never a good time to ignore advice from your mother. Which is exactly what my daughter Celadon decided to do when I reminded her to reconsider purchasing a new cell phone.

Honestly, she couldn't have chosen a worse thing to buy. Not only is it technology, it is communications technology. Even though she knows how I feel about such things she decided to swing into the local gadget center on our way back from a trip to the fabric store. I tried to tell her when she screeched to a stop in the parking lot that it was a bad idea but she never was one to listen.

It was far too cold to sit in the car so I followed her in and just shook my head while she asked questions about one phone after another. She didn't seem happy with any of them but she finally settled on one that could do everything under the sun except play badminton at an Olympic level. Two hours after arriving we headed back out the door with her new phone clutched in her mittened hand. At least it was until she stepped on a patch of black ice on the sidewalk. She went one way and the phone went another, straight into a puddle of slush. She hadn't even bought a protective case for the poor thing.

As Celadon stomped back into the store for a new phone I heard her grumbling under her breath about bad luck. But I raised her better than that. She had to know it was simply written in the stars.

Readers, do you believe in the influence of planetary movements on human experience? Have you ever had a classic Mercury retrograde experience?

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  1. Huh. I always advise young people to watch where they're going. You never know what you might step on. Or in. Besides, there could be a quarter on the sidewalk.

    1. Right you are Dora! And who can't use an extra quarter?

  2. I love this series. One of my favorites. And I always listen to my mother and her warnings. Her mother was a gypsy, you dont mess with that stuff, lol

    1. Sounds like you are lucky indeed to have such a maternal lineage! And thanks so very much for your kind words! I truly appreciate hearing you enjoy the series!